Replace Jude Bellingham, World Cup £70m wonderkid is going to become Man Utd’s bargain

Moises Caicedo could end up being Manchester United’s £70 million Bellingham bargain.

Manchester United are expected to be among the clubs vying for the signing of Jude Bellingham this summer, according to The Mirror.

That’s all well and good, but landing him will be difficult in the face of stiff competition, even if United has a chance.

Bellingham is expected to cost an entire transfer budget at a rumored £150 million. He may be worth it, but there are compelling arguments for making alternative, less expensive moves instead.

Regardless of whether Bellingham chooses to go elsewhere, United must consider other options. Moises Caicedo is one of them.

Moises Caicedo could be an option for United in Bellingham.

Moises Caicedo is a possible option for United in Bellingham.

Moises Caicedo was linked with a move to Manchester United two years ago. The club regrets its decision not to sign him.

Unlike in the Bellingham case, where the midfielder chose to leave, United backed out of the deal, and Caicedo instead signed for Brighton for £4.5 million.

Brighton will demand £70 million for Caicedo next summer, according to the Sun, with Manchester United still interested. Given how cheaply he could have been signed, this is a humiliating sum for United to have to pay.

But United must put this aside and focus on what Caicedo has become. He is worth the money, and rather than being an expensive deal in comparison to Bellingham, he is considered a steal.

Moises Caicedo’s asking price of £70 million could be less than half that of Jude Bellingham. He has the potential to be equally useful.

Caicedo, 21, had a strong World Cup for Ecuador, scoring in their final group game despite losing to Senegal.

He has had an outstanding Premier League season, contributing to two wins over Manchester United, both of which he scored, as well as victories over Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham.

He is an all-around midfielder who could be an excellent backup plan if a deal for Bellingham falls through.

It may even be a better decision, allowing United to invest in a striker and other positions of need.

United’s response to Bellingham

Bellingham signing for a rivl is a significant risk, but it is not cause for concern. It would be an admirable reaction to sign Moises Caicedo for half the price.

Caicedo has already proven his worth in the Premier League, and he and Casemiro could form a formidable partnership.

The Argus quoted Spain midfielder Pedri earlier this week as saying, “The one I’ve seen who has most sprsd me was the one from Ecuador, Moises Caicedo.”

“He’s excellent, the best, and I adore him.”

United will be in a better position if it signs either Bellingham or Caicedo.

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