Removing De Gea, Man Utd agree to break any salary cap to sign ‘Neuer 2.0’ dream contract

According to The Sun, Manchester United are reported to be pondering making an offer to Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford that would pay him roughly £200,000 each week. It has been speculated that this offer would be for a transfer to Manchester United. Everton is now obligated to make payments to Pickford because such obligations are outlined in the terms of his contract.

Additional depth in the goalkeeping position has been added to Manchester United’s roster as a result of the club’s loan signing of Jack Butland from Crystal Palace. After being summoned from his position as goalie with the Red Devils and brought back to Newcastle, Martin Dubravka’s return to the club brings this about. After upgrading Dubravka to their first squad, Newcastle made this deal in order to enhance their roster in order to compete for a higher level of competition.

Old Trafford has not yet issued statements about the futures of David de Gea and Tom Heaton; nevertheless, current reports indicate that the two will be free agents once this season has come to a close. Old Trafford has not yet issued statements regarding the futures of David de Gea and Tom Heaton. Regarding David de Gea and Tom Heaton’s respective trajectories, Old Trafford has not provided any announcements as of yet. Regarding David de Gea and Tom Heaton’s potential upcoming careers at Old Trafford, the club has not yet issued any statements or made any announcements.

Pickford, who has been called a “true leader” by members of the media, has been connected with a move to United in the recent months, and reports claim that the club has been made aware of the possibility that he will become available. A move to United has been linked with Pickford, who has been mentioned in connection with United in recent months. In addition, during the past few months, there has been speculation that Pickford could be moving to United. The name of Pickford has recently been brought up in conversation in regard to Manchester United, and a transfer to the club has been proposed as a possible next step for the goalkeeper.

In a piece that was published in the Sun not more than a few days ago, the possible course that The Pickford will go into the future was the topic of discussion.

It was reported quite early on Monday morning that both Manchester United and its opponent in the Premier League, Tottenham, are “ready to almost double his £100,000 salary in order to gain his signature.” Tottenham is one of Manchester United’s main competitors in the Premier League. It has been reported that Manchester United and Tottenham are “ready to virtually quadruple his earnings in order to clinch his signature.” Despite the fact that the player has expressed a desire to continue his career at Goodison Park with the Toffees, it has also been reported that Manchester United and Tottenham are “ready to clinch his signature.” Despite this, the player has communicated a desire to carry on his career with the Toffees at Goodison Park.

There is a good chance that United will enter the 2023–2024 season without a senior goalkeeper who is well known on a national level. This is a distinct possibility. Even if the Spanish goalkeeper is looking forward to signing new terms, it may be in the best interest of the club to concentrate on extending De Gea’s contract due to the fact that it would be in the club’s best interest to do so. At the moment, there is a possibility that United will start the 2023/2024 season without a senior goalkeeper who is well-known on a national or international level. This scenario is now a possibility.

After that, Erik ten Hag and the rest of his coaching staff will have the ability to make a decision on whether or not the 32-year-old will continue to be the first choice goalkeeper or whether or not they want to go after someone like Pickford. In spite of this, it would seem that the England international will not be moving to Old Trafford any time soon in light of these most recent claims. This is the case despite the fact that the player has international experience. This is the result that has the highest probability of taking place.

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