Remove Martial, Man Utd consider making the ‘deal of the century’ with ‘Modern-day Ronaldo’

It has been reported that Manchester United are contemplating making a move to acquire Patrick Schick in order to strengthen their options at center striker as they work to climb the standings in the Premier League. This would be done with the intention of improving Manchester United’s ability to score goals. This measure would be taken with the intention of improving the Red Devils’ prospects of winning the league championship. The improvement of the position is the primary focus that the club is putting its attention on at the moment.

Schick’s name has reportedly been put to the list of candidates to succeed Cristiano Ronaldo in the role that he now holds in the club, according to news reports that originated in Spain. This is the result of the legendary Portuguese forward coming to an agreement with the club in November to terminate his contract despite the circumstances surrounding the termination being problematic. The agreement came about as a result of the fact that the circumstances surrounding the termination were problematic.

It has become abundantly clear that the club has problems in the attacking department, and Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford are the only two established players for Manchester United who are capable of playing in an attacking role. This season has made it abundantly clear that the club has these problems. This season has not only made it very evident that Manchester United has difficulties in the defensive department, but it has also made those flaws painfully clear.

Since Erik ten Hag took over as manager of Manchester United, Marcus Rashford has been in amazing form for the Red Devils. Rashford has played in 23 matches in a variety of competitions and has scored 12 goals while also contributing four assists. On the other hand, playing on the left wing produces the most productive effects for him, but Martial has only scored eight goals in the Premier League since the beginning of the 2021 season.

During the previous season, Schick was at the peak of his abilities, and he was capable of competing on an equal footing with any forward in Europe. Sofascore reports that the star with 35 caps received an average rating of 7.26 out of 10. He effortlessly demonstrated his physical prowess and his clinical demeanor, enthralling his audience with the sheer frequency of his net-breaking smashes. Schick has earned the amount of £94k that he is paid each week, and he should receive it.

In point of fact, the striker who has a market value of 26 million pounds scored 24 goals while playing in the German Bundesliga for Bayer Leverkusen. He accomplished this feat in a league-high 27 games, which is more goals than Erling Haaland scored in his 22 games played in the league. Despite the struggles of the club, he has only scored three goals for Leverkusen this season. This performance does not live up to the lofty standards set for him. After 15 games, the club is now in 12th place and has won three games in a row to improve their standing.

If United’s technical director John Murtough is successful in his attempt to facilitate a transfer, the club will have high hopes that the player will be able to repeat the successes he had in the previous campaign. This is because the club believes that the player will be able to take advantage of the opportunities that will be presented to him as a result of the transfer. This is due to the fact that the club has faith that the player will be able to make the most of the opportunities that will become available to him as a direct result of the transfer, which is the primary reason why this decision was made. This would make it possible for United to unleash a terrifying machine that is able to pose a threat to the defenses in the Premier League. This would be an advantage for United.

The Czech forward is now facing some difficulties, but a change of scenery might very well reignite the dormant fire that is currently there within him. This is the case in spite of the fact that difficulties are currently being faced. The successes that he has accomplished over the course of the past several years are evidence that he is capable of thriving in any division and getting around any defense.

The “genius” player, who is 26 years old and was referred to by Jaroslav ilhav as such, came near to signing for Juventus in 2017 in a deal worth £26 million, but he did not pass his medical exam. Jaroslav ilhav termed him a genius. The “genius” has since gone on to successfully test his mettle against some of football’s finest backlines, and he would certainly flourish in a United team that is on an upward trajectory and holding a rekindled flame to relight their offensive drive. In addition, he would be a great addition to a United team that has a rekindled flame to relight their offensive drive. A United squad that has a rekindled desire to relight their offensive drive would benefit greatly from having him join their ranks as he would be a terrific complement to that team.

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