Recreate the mighty East-West epic at the Battle of Generals VNG

VNG General Battle gives gamers the opportunity to become a powerful lord with a powerful army led by legendary historical figures. With these armies, the lords will conquer the land and build their own ideal country.

Unleash your troops in battle with multinational infantry generals

Thanks to the diverse combination of civilizations, VNG Generals Battle becomes a playground for gamers to enjoy epic battles. The beautiful Queen Cleopatra can lead her army to confront the beautiful “moon holding” Dieu Chuan, while Caesar the Great has the opportunity to compete with Lord Oda Nobunaga. In particular, there will be Vietnamese generals, Long Vuong and Tien Mau, appearing in this unique game.

By creating a variety of combat modes, VNG General Battle allows warlords to “recreate” the fierce battles between the ancient greats.First of all, the overcoming campaigns with difficulty. incrementally, constantly challenging gamers but will also come with worthy rewards.Moreover, the game also gives players the opportunity to get acquainted with historical figures from different civilizations and decide the generals that are suitable for the way you build your squad.

More dramatic, after completing the Challenge, the lords will unlock the Arena – where heroes and soldiers participate in battles to accumulate points for rewards. This is the first PVP feature of the game, in which gamers create two squads (including the defense side – the offensive side) and start a “brain balance” competition with the opponent’s squad. Not stopping there, many PvP features will be opened after completing the task so that gamers can compete in a more epic arena.

Explore civilizations with iconic generals

First of all, An Lac civilization with Song Than General Long Vuong – Tien Mau was built “additional” to this version of Battle of Generals VNG. Dragon King’s strength is supported by the technique of restoring troops from Fairy Mother will bring terrible damage, ready to shoot through all defenses.

Next is the Three Kingdoms period with two generals, Lu Bo and Cao Cao. Lu Bu himself can raid the enemy’s back row with his bravery, the fighting power of this general comes from the army of the archers and the skill of Phuong Thien Hoa Strike. Meanwhile, Cao Cao possesses the talent of cavalry and will be very strong if it is combined with characters such as Trieu Van, Alexander, Genghis Khan – characters who have also resounded in the history books.

When it comes to Japanese civilization, the most prominent is the warlord Oda Nobunaga – who has the ambition to end the chaos of the Warring States period. Although he also has the talent to dominate the army like Lu Bu, Nobunaga is still a 5-star general who is more about support and control than directly dealing damage. For maximum support for this general, gamers can consider adding Dieu Thuyen or Zhuge Liang to the squad, conversely, if you want to activate the damage to the peak, “cooperating” with Lu Bo is the best choice. choose wisely.

Speaking of the great Roman (Roman) civilization, gamers will probably think of Caesar the Great – an epic character with illustrious feats. superior leadership talent. With the “Power Punch” technique that carries tremendous damage, this general also exerts his full strength when teaming up with a squad of 6 infantry on the battlefield.

The female general Cleopatra, the focal point of the ancient Egyptian civilization, appeared in VNG General Battle with the appearance and powerful demeanor of a queen. Possessing the strength of a 5-star general, Cleopatra has the ability to effectively command cavalry and the ability to recover strong troops. Therefore, players should consider choosing this general in the support position, especially when coordinating with Cao Cao, Qin Shi Huang, Genghis Khan.

From today, players can download the game here to receive 50 turns of gacha, giftcode and Vietnamese General – Long Vuong when players successfully log in. To update the latest information about VNG General Battle – a multinational tactical general game, gamers can access official portals, including:

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