Raheem Sterling confirmed his ability to return to the 2022 World Cup with England

A gang broke into the Three Lions ace’s mansion and stole £300,000 worth of watches and designer jewelry — he is said to be the fourth Chelsea FC player to be targeted by them in recent months.

Raheem Sterling, pictured here with fiancée Paige, has vowed to return to England’s World Cup campaign only when his family is’safe.’ Credit: Getty – Contributor

A security patrol is seen at the home of couple, in SurreyCredit: LNP

The horrific raid took place on Saturday night – less than 24 hours before England’s clash against Senegal – pictured Sterling with Bukayo SakaCredit: Getty Images – Getty

According to the police, his fiancee Paige, who is 27 years old, found out about the raid on Saturday night, which was fewer than 24 hours before England’s match against Senegal on Sunday.

After hearing about the terrorist αттαck, Raheem, who is also 27, withdrew from Gareth Southgate’s squad and hurriedly returned home. It is his hope to be back in Qatar in time for Saturday’s quarterfinal match against France, but he will only do so if he believes that his house is safe and that his family is not in dαпger.

“Raheem has informed everyone, ‘There is no way I’m going anywhere unless I’m 100 percent sure that my family can be kept secure,'” said the insider. “There is no way I’m going anywhere.” He is very concerned about safety, and one of the reasons he and his family decided to move into the house is because it is located on a very prestigious estate that has constant security patrols.

Even still, he has been singled out, which is a source of great distress for Raheem and Paige. They have recently relocated to London and express a desire to feel secure.

After Chelsea agreed to pay Manchester City £47.5 million for the winger during the summer of 2018, the family relocated into the property located in Oxshott, Surrey.

“Patrol throughout the night and day.”

It is said that Paige traveled back to the United Kingdom from Qatar with his three young children after supporting Raheem during the group stage of the competition.

She was required to fulfill a work obligation that was connected to her real estate company. Yesterday, Raheem had a meeting with investigators from the Surrey Police Department who are currently looking into the crime.

In September 2021, the residence of one of the other Chelsea victims, defender Reece James, who was 22 years old at the time, was broken into by a group that targeted Cobham, Surrey. They made off with his safe, which included his medals from the Champions League, Super Cup, and Euro 2020.

Two other teammates have also been victims of similar crimes in recent months, and the police are currently investigating any linkages between the incidents.

There is concern that a highly organized criminal group has its sights set on the wealthy players at the club. Yesterday, the star defender for England, Harry Maguire, lashed out at the goons who αттαcked Raheem.

“It’s incredibly frustrating to hear that when we are out here playing for our nation and giving everything there are individuals back home αттαcking us,” remarked Man United player Harry, who is 29 years old.

“The game could have gone differently, and we could have used Raheem in a different situation.”

And the captain of the England team, Harry Kane, who is also 29, spent yesterday trying to reassure his colleagues who were anxious about the raid.

“Harry is aware that the players’ families are genuinely disturbed up by what has happened, and that is a cause of concern for the players themselves,” said a source close to the Three Lions team.

He believes that it is his responsibility as captain to keep the mood of the team high and to direct everyone’s attention on the game against France.

Gareth Southgate, the manager of England’s national team, stated that he and the FA had met with the team to go over safety precautions before departing for Qatar.

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