Qatar once again ’embarrassed’ the world at the 2022 World Cup

Recently, the nation of Qatar, which is hosting the 2022 World Cup, has come under fire for the large number of empty seats that were present during the match between England and Senegal in the 1/8 round of the tournament.

The Finals of the 2022 World Cup are now halfway over, and fans are left feeling an overwhelming range of emotions. From the magnificent and extravagant lights of the opening day to the epic performances of the 32 finest teams on the planet, this tournament was filled with unforgettable moments.

Despite this, there are still some bleak and gloomy corners that can be found in the host country of Qatar, including the problem with the event planning.

The camera lens captured the scene of thousands of vacant seats at Al Bayt stadium during the 1/8 round match between England and Senegal. The match was being played in Al Bayt.

It appears that this is not the first time that empty seats have been found at the 2022 World Cup, as reported by The Sun. Even though the home team was ahead 2-0 at the end of the first half of the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador, thousands of Qataris left the field shortly after the break. This occurred when the home team was still in the lead. However, the speaker at the stadium stated that there were 67,372 people in attendance, despite the fact that Al Bayt Stadium only seats 60,000 people.

And for some reason, the official attendance for England’s victory over Senegal that took place at Al Bayt Stadium is listed as 65,985 people. Jordan Henderson, Harry Kane, and Bukayo Saka scored for the Three Lions in their victory over the African champions, which resulted in a 3-0 score. Because of this, the squad coached by Gareth Southgate will face France, the reigning world champion, in the quarterfinals. This could be a really exciting matchup.

The tournament’s first four games each had official attendance figures that were higher than the stadium’s capacity for that particular event. Fans were left perplexed when it was stated that there were 45,334 people in attendance for the England vs. Iran match, which took place in a stadium with a capacity of 40,000.

When it was revealed that Senegal’s match against the Netherlands had 41,721 spectators in attendance, many suspicions began to arise. The stadium in which the match took place had 40,000 seats.

To make matters even worse, towards the end of the match between the United States and Wales, which was clearly visible on TV to have empty seats, there were already 43,418 attendance, but the host country still declared that there were 43,418 attendees.

Not having played Croatia yet, Ritsu Doan read how Japan progressed

Midfielder Ritsu Doan is convinced that the Asian squad would overcome the representative from Europe and advance to the next round before the match between Japan and Croatia.

Japan finished first in Group E of the 2022 World Cup, which is known as the “group of death,” with a perfect record of 6 points after 3 games. They also advanced to the round of 16 in first place. Ranking higher than Spain, the German national team was forced to return home.

Attacking midfielder Ritsu Doan is one of the players that has contributed the most to Japan’s recent success. That is demonstrated by the goals scored against Germany and Spain.

Ritsu Doan expressed optimism that Japan may advance before the match against Croatia in the round of 16. The 24-year-old believes that Japan’s best edge is its bench:

“Football games are typically played 11 versus 11. But we may say that Japan is playing against 11 men while fielding 26 players. How come? because football’s regulations have altered. Five player changes are permitted, and we appreciate that. The key to winning in Japan is having players who can alter the course of the game.”

Ritsu Doan’s assertions have some basis since up to three out of four Japanese goals in previous games were scored by substitutes. Ritsu Doan continued,

“As a sub, I scored a lot of goals. I began to play more as a substitute at PSV Eindhoven because I know how to get ready for the field. Naturally, as a player, I don’t enjoy coming off the bench, but as the coach stated, we must play this tournament with all 26 players.”

Japan will become the first Asian team to get to the quarterfinals since South Korea’s performance in 2002 if they defeat Croatia in the following match.

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