Qatar made big mistake that caused fans to leave the 2022 World Cup?

The data indicates that Qatar only had approximately 760,000 tourists to witness the 2022 World Cup, and it is believed that this is the outcome of some of the country’s regulations.

During the first two weeks of the 2022 World Cup, Qatar played host to little more than 765,000 guests. During the World Cup, the number of visitors that came to Qatar fell short of the forecasted 1.2 million, as stated in a report compiled by the event’s organizers in Qatar. Cup.

Due to the fact that just 8 teams are still competing in Doha and only 8 matches out of 64 have been played since the tournament began, it is safe to assume that the shortage of visitors will not be able to be filled. This was to be expected.

Previous estimates suggest that the beginning of the group stage and continuing through its conclusion at the 2022 World Cup, when 32 nations compete in as many as four matches per day, will be the busiest time of the tournament for tourists from other countries.

According to a report published by the Supreme Commission on Deliveries and Heritage (SC), the organizing body for the tournament in Qatar, the first 17 days of the World Cup welcomed a total of 765,859 international visitors. However, as of right now, more than half of those visitors have already left the country.

Since the beginning of the bidding process, supporters have voiced their strong opposition to Qatar and the 2022 World Cup due to concerns around human rights, restrictive rules regarding аlcоhоl and the LGBT community, and other issues.

According to Reuters, the primary issue cited is the stringent ban on wine and ƅееr, which are referred to as “specialties” and are required for every World Cup. In addition, the difficulty lies in the excessively expensive ticket prices for accommodation facilities such as hotels, or even a night in a container room can cost about 5 million yuan / night. This is a concern since it makes it difficult for people to afford to stay in these facilities.

The problem of tickets being sold on the black market, which is rife and significant near the stadium area, is the second factor. Fans claim that this took place in plain view of police forces, CCTV, and patrols, but those selling tickets on the black market did not appear to be fгiɡhtened or deterred by the presence of law enforcement.

In general, the ticket price for the France vs. England match while the original price was just 175 USD, now visitors need to spend approximately 5000 USD – which is nearly 30 times more to possess the ticket. Originally, the ticket price was only $175 USD. And also in part due to the fact that they are priced so high, a great number of tourists quickly fled this country during the break for the 2022 World Cup.

In addition, tourists who wish to enter Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup must, in addition to their passports, be in possession of a Hayya ID card. This card serves the same function as a Visa for the duration of the competition. In light of this, Qatar decided to remove this condition for nations that are members of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The number of people that attended the 2022 World Cup did not reach the level that was predicted, and a lot of people left before the event was over. The reasons for this can be found in the previous paragraphs.


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