Puma Beats Out Nike for Grealish in Most Valuable Boot Contract in British Football History

By becoming the face of Puma, Jack Grealish has secured the most lucrative boot contract ever given to a British footballer.

Since he was a teenager, the Manchester City winger has sported Nike, but the American company was helpless to stop him from departing.

According to Nike insiders, Grealish, one of the most marketable players in the Premier League, has signed a five-year, £10 million contract with Puma.

The manufacturer declined to match the funds and have a broader roster of players, and Puma was able to provide the 27-year-old with a more individualized branding package.

Grealish is Puma’s top star, along with Neymar and Antoine Griezmann, and they’ve just finalized their first major contract with a City player since reaching a kit agreement with the team in 2019. For the previous four years, manager Pep Guardiola has served as an ambassador.

Gareth Bale and Harry Kane, who each earn almost £3 million per season in boot deals, were among the highest earners, and City striker Erling Haaland is a target for both Nike and Adidas.

According to Johan Adamsson, Head of Sports Marketing at Puma Global, “We want to make Jack one of the most important brand faces in football and culture.”

“His position opens up opportunities to work with many of our fashion initiatives and to collaborate with him on his many personal causes,” the statement reads.

Grealish, who has been one of City’s best performances this season, is also a well-known spokesperson for Bose and Gucci, and his appeal has generated a lot of marketing attention.

The representative of England is now driven to help City win the Champions League.

I have a Premier League medal, but I want to succeed here at City and win as many trophies as I can, he stated.

When I was younger, playing for Aston Villa was my dream. I had another dream after I overcame that, then another.

‘It was never really my goal to play in a World Cup; it was simply to play for Villa, then score for Villa, then go on to the next thing, which was playing for England, before participating in the Euros, World Cup, and scoring there.

Fortunately, I’ve had the good fortune to complete all of those. The next goal would be to win the Champions League and a significant prize with the national team.




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