PSG is like a ‘twist’ because of Lionel Messi – Don’t dream of Champions League

With regard to the Lionel Messi contract, PSG is in a “dilemma.” It is important to note that they are unable to permanently cure this issue on their own.

Lionel Messi and PSG’s current agreement is only good through the end of the current campaign. However, the Princes’ Park team is experiencing some issues as a result of M10’s delay in renewing this contract.

Particularly, even though Messi is set to reach 36 years old, the Argentinian star still plays a significant role in the upcoming season of the Paris squad, according to the French publication Le10quipe. There are projects going on at the same time. This club is rumored to also require the influence of a celebrity like Lionel Messi off the field.

However, according to the same source, PSG struggles to put many of its plans into action, both on and off the field. They are aware that if Messi chooses not to extend his contract, everything they have built up to this point will essentially “self-destruct.”

Because of this, 90min recently claimed that Messi is being urged by the BLD Les Parisiens to decide whether to stay or depart as soon as possible so that the team can do calculations and build plans. Coach Galtier also requires a solid foundation before the new season so that the players have time to get to know one another, play effectively, and comprehend his strategies.

The M10 side, however, is currently fully silent. It is well known that Messi’s agents prefer to delay making any choices at this time. It is also important to note that PSG does not want to immediately “break off their charm” with the 2022 World Cup winner, which further perplexes the “rich person” in Paris.

PSG has reportedly only offered Messi a one-year contract with an automatic 12-month extension, according to 90min. Additionally, M10 will continue to get his extraordinarily high pay of 41 Euros per season (after taxes).

PSG do not dream of Champions League

If play and spirit cannot be improved, winning the Champions League will always remain PSG’s ultimate goal.

In Ligue 1 after 5 games in 2023, PSG is just 5 and 6 points ahead of Lens and Marseille, the two teams in last place. PSG defeated Montpellier 3-1 in the previous round, although Kylian Mbappe was sidelined with an injury. It appears like PSG is no longer able to maintain the same level of momentum as it did prior to the World Cup.

In trutҺ, PSG mainly relied on the individual contributions of Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe in the first half of this season. They frequently get caught up in the Һᴜnt and have to wait for the stars to shine.

The question is whether Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe can consistently perform well in crucial games like those in the Champions League.

PSG’s defense ranks fourth in Europe’s top five leagues and first among the remaining 16 teams in the Champions League with 0.79 goals allowed per game thus far. However, they generated too many chances and allowed their opponents to make 10.9 shots per game.

The usage of four or five defenders has minimal tactical impact on PSG. The issue is that Sergio Ramos and Marquinhos play incoherently, even against weaker opponents.

Another factor contributing to PSG’s defense issues is the absence of midfield support. Additionally, Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe rarely assist the defense.

“With PSG, playing from the back is simple. Their trio of forwards is not defensive. We are aware that we can easily hurt the rest of the team if we move the ball past their forward trio. behind the team, “said Reims resident Yunis Abdelhamid.

Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe were more involved in defense before the World Cup than they are now. The rest of the squad, however, is finding it challenging as that energy supply is running low.

There is a perception that PSG will be significantly impacted by the 2022 World Cup. Achraf Hakimi and Morocco advanced to the semifinals, while Messi and Mbappe battled in the championship match. In actuality, PSG was not the only team to lose following the Qatar tournament.

With 5 points from 5 Serie A games since the World Cup, AC Milan is likewise having a tough time. Additionally, they lost badly to Inter Milan in the Italian Super Cup and were swiftly ousted from the Coppa Italia.

With three straight draws, Bayern Munich is likewise experiencing a problem in the Bundesliga. Real Madrid, however, is no longer in consistent form after its Spanish Super Cup loss to Barcelona.

However, PSG’s issue goes beyond just inconsistent play, and head coach Christophe Galtier is currently facing a lot of criticism.

There is a perception that Galtier has failed to make the PSG players less carefree. Over the course of the season, gameplay hasn’t really improved much. Simply put, PSG’s weaknesses are being covered by Messi, Marco Verratti, Neymar, or Mbappe. Galtier is to blame for the lack of unity in the PSG collective.

Galtier insists that he must start with one of the three top attackers. The new method will instead be put to the test to reduce imbalance.

However, now is not the time to try new things or look for solutions to old issues.

Chelsea agreed to let PSG borrow Hakim Ziyech, but the deal fell through at the last minute. Meanwhile, Inter Milan blocked Milan Skriniar’s January departure.

If PSG don’t take the game seriously, it won’t be long before they find themselves in trouble. Will PSG lose the Champions League silver trophy once more?

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