Proving Erik ten Hag is wrong, £350k/w star has now strongly ‘gone backwards’ at OTF

According to the talkSPORT reporter Alex Crook, Manchester United sensation Jadon Sancho has “gone backwards this season” at Old Trafford. This information was provided to GIVEMESPORT.

According to Transfermarkt, the England international has only made ten appearances in the Premier League so far this season, and of those ten, he has only completed the full 90 minutes of play on two occasions.

News on Manchester United: Jadon Sancho

In a recent conversation concerning the winger, the manager Erik ten Hag appeared to express some dissatisfaction over the fact that he is unable to count on the 22-year-old player.

He expressed his desire to have Jadon come back as soon as it was humanly possible. But in addition to that, I am unable to push this process; so, while I will do everything that is in my power, there are certain processes that you are unable to compel, and this is one of those processes. Therefore, I must likewise demonstrate patience, despite the fact that I do not possess the patience to do so since, yes, you are correct, we do not have enough possibilities in the frontline.

There are some challenges ahead of us, but I believe he is moving in the right path. And what I mean is that I am unable to speed up this process, and as a result, I don’t (it). On the other hand, it will make me incredibly glad to have him back with the team for team practise, so that will be the next step.

What did Crook have to say about Jadon Sancho, who plays for Manchester United?

Now, Crook has made the assertion that Sancho has “gone backwards” this year, and he has placed the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of Sancho to return and make an impact in the second half of this campaign.

He stated, “It’s not hard to see that Sancho has taken a step back this season. Now that he’s back in the gym, the onus is on Sancho to truly put in the work to get better and show that he’s eager to pick up new skills from Ten Hag.

Marcus Rashford might serve as a role model for Jadon Sancho at Manchester United.

According to Spotrac, Sancho makes £350k per week, so the onus is really on him to get his act together and show the kinds of improvements in training and eventually in matches to demonstrate to Ten Hag that he has what it takes to be successful at Old Trafford.

Indeed, all he needs to do is take a look at his teammate on the England squad, Marcus Rashford, to realise that things can, in fact, turn around thanks to hard effort and devotion, even when it seems like they could be moving in the wrong direction.

In point of fact, Paul Simspon, who coached Sancho when he was a member of the England youth team, has encouraged him to do exactly that, saying, “I think the big thing that I take out of it is that he’s still a young guy. You almost certainly have to refer to his ascent as meteoric.

However, he is still just a young lad. Jadon is currently 22 years old, and he still has a lot more football to play in his future. He is not nearing the end of his career; rather, he is now playing for a football club that has a team of people on staff who will look after him. It is then up to Jadon; he is the one who is responsible for putting in the effort to get himself reinstated into the team.

Fans of Manchester United will be keeping their fingers crossed that Jadon Sancho can achieve the same type of turnaround that Marcus Rashford has accomplished over the course of the past year and provide Ole Gunnar Ten Hag with another intriguing wide option in his squad.

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