Reveɑli𝚗ɡ proof that Mbappe has ‘ended love’ with PSG – waiting for Real Madrid

Recently, Real Madrid has just experienced an extremely difficult derby with Atletico. It took 2 goals from Benzema and Vinicius in extra time, “White Vultures” to win tickets to continue.

During the match, there was an audience who always accompanied coach Carlo Ancelotti’s teachers and students. It’s striker Kylian Mbappe. During the Madrid derby, Mbappe and some teammates like Arcraf Hakimi participated in a charity event at Pavillon Gabriel.

The images recorded that Mbappe is very interested in the Royal team. He watched Real Madrid play and celebrated passionately when this team beɑt Atletico. The moment Mbappe attentively watched the Madrid derby was shared by artist Richard Orlinski on his personal Instagram page.

Kylian Mbappe has never hidden his special admiration for Real Madrid club. During the exchange and signing autographs for PSG fans in Qatar on January 19, at the time when Mbappe was signing autographs, a fan took a clip and shouted: “Come back to Real Madrid, come back to Real. Madrid”.

To his surprise, Mbappe immediately showed a thumbs up gesture in agreement and smiled. This action of the 24-year-old French star immediately caused a storm on social networks with many comments.

Mbappe is close with teammates from Real Madrid

In addition, recent images show that when Mbappe returns to focus with PSG, he has shown his separation from the other two big stars in the team, Messi and Neymar. This player often trains with a group of close friend Hakimi or talks with midfielder Sergio Ramos – who knows Real Madrid better than anyone.

Mbappe refuses to become the new captain of PSG

According to L’Équipe, before becoming the vice-captain of PSG club, striker Kylian Mbappe was asked by a group of key players to become the new captain to replace central defender Marquinhos. But he refused.

According to the French press, this proposal may originate from the fɑct that goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, after parting with the French team, wanted to nominate Mbappe to become the new captain instead. Some key players of PSG also made similar offers to Mbappe, wanting him to be the new leader in the Paris team.

PSG’s internal conflicts after Mbappe was promoted

L’Équipe newspaper reported that Mbappe’s proposal to become the new captain of PSG instead of Marquinhos had only been discussed within the club. However, the player himself refused immediately.

Coach Christophe Galtier then suggested Mbappe as the new vice-captain, but just encountered the reaction of midfielder Presnel Kimpembe. It is worth noting that Presnel is the same person with Marquinhos, long considered the leader in the PSG dressing room as well as on the field, when they take turns wearing the captain’s armband.

This incident is causing underground waves within the PSG club. According to L’Équipe, many PSG players think Mbappe is worthy of becoming the new captain because he is a Parisian, a big star at the club after deciding to stay.

But others say that, in each club with many stars like the case of PSG, the hierarchy is not only shown on the pitch but also in the dressing room. It takes excellent players and has a strong voice to convince everyone. In this case, Mbappe is said to still not be enough. Because PSG still have superstars Messi and Neymar, both are big names.

Kimpembe is not satisfied when Mbappe wears the captain’s armband

According to L’Équipe newspaper, to quell the smoldering underground waves, PSG club president Nasser Al-Khelaifi had to take action, with the decision to keep the current status quo. Marquinhos still wears the captain’s armband and the team has 4 vice captains including Kimpembe, Verrati, Sergio Ramos, Mbappe.

In this list, the absence of superstar Messi also attracts a lot of attention. Many people think that it may be because the time the Argentine player came to play for PSG was too short (only nearly 2 seasons). But Sergio Ramos also arrived at the same time, still has a name, so this comment has been ruled out. Maybe, Messi does not want to join the captain or vice-captain of PSG because he avoids “touching” with Mbappe, Spanish newspaper Marca speculates.


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