Project R: New mobile game project developed by “veterans” from Blizzard and Riot Game

According to the latest share, a potential new game project called Project R comes from veterans from Blizzard and Riot Games to focus on gameplay besides blockchain technology, Play to Earn and Web 3.0 in a new style.

More specifically, Wayne Lee, former General Manager of Riot Games Taiwan and Southeast Asia branch and Blizzard CEO in Taiwan/HK/Macau has just announced a new game project from his own company. Bioxmith – formerly known as Project R. Bioxmith and founded 8 months ago will soon launch their first game called Project R.

To describe the game, Project R will be “a mobile eSprorts game that focuses on player skill, high-speed gameplay, and short-time combat. Teams will compete strategically on diverse, random arenas. natural and automatic combat. Build your signature squad and win in the end.”

Accordingly, Project R will focus on designing gameplay in harmony with appropriate blockchain technology and improving over the current common ground. But according to the description, it sounds like Project R will still be a tactical game of collecting champions/cards and passing the screen in an automatic formation? Besides, the blockchain market of this project is most likely just buying and selling characters with the strongest index like many recent game projects.

Anyway, the Project R game is still in a very early stage of development and there is still plenty of time to turn the car in the direction of the game that attracts players (more than hundreds of thousands of current card/champion strategy games). Stay tuned for more information about this project.

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