Project L and what gamers need to know about Riot Games’ fighting game (updated)

Project L is currently a fighting game that is extremely interested by the gaming community after a series of introductory videos from Riot Games

Project LOST It’s a very new and good game Riot Games Designed for the fighting game fan community, allowing League of Legends champions to engage in a 1vs1 battle. This game is also a place where many familiar and strange faces appear, along with the arenas that will spread across the countries of the world. Runeterra.

This game is co-founded by the event co-founder FGC and tournaments Evolution Championship Series assumes the role of developer, also for this reason, Project L promises to be a fighting game that offers the most engaging experiences, not inferior to the cult fighting franchises of the world gaming village.

Project L and the information gamers need to know about the updated Riot Games fighting game

At the moment, the development team of Project L has not officially announced the time when this game will be officially released. The last time Riot Games revealed more information about the game was on November 21, 2021, but the known information only includes the characters that will appear as well as the mechanics of the game only.

According to Riot Games’ share, Project LOST There were 6 League of Legends champions appearing in the company’s introductory videos, including:

  • Ahri
  • Darius
  • Ekko
  • Jinx
  • Katarina
  • Illaoi

Project L and the information gamers need to know about Riot Games' fighting game update 2

Of course, each general has his own unique skill similar to that in League of Legends and the way to launch combos and combat certainly has many different points suitable for each type of gamer. However, the combat mechanism of Project L has not been introduced in the most obvious way, because in the introductory video, we can only see 2 command buttons, A and S.

The development team of Project LOST also confirmed that the game will adopt a netcode rollback mechanism when gamers engage in online battle mode. If there is a lag due to the network connection, enough to affect the outcome of the match, or one of the two players exits, the netcode will determine who is the winner.

Similar to Valorant, the Riot Direct system will also be applied to ensure limited lag in online matches.

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