Portugal fans don’t want Ronaldo to start vs Switzerland

In the most recent poll, respondents were asked whether or not they would support Ronaldo starting from the outset in the next 1/8 round of the World Cup.

After cruising through the group stage without much trouble, the Portuguese team has set their sights on a matchup against Switzerland in the round of 16 of the World Cup in 2022. As a result of Diogo Jota’s inability to take part, “European Selecao” captain and striker Cristiano Ronaldo remains the first choice for the team’s assault. However, just a few days before the ball was rolled, Ronaldo was forced to hear some bad news from his own homeland. This news was a setback for him.

To be more specific, a poll conducted by the Portuguese newspaper A Bola showed that a significant number of supporters of the national team did not want the 37-year-old superstar to start the match against Switzerland. According to a sizeable number of supporters, the former Manchester United striker did not have a significant amount of impact on the player’s recruitment. In point of fact, given what Ronaldo has demonstrated during the first three matches of the group stage, this is not incorrect.

Ronaldo just has one goal to his name after three matches in the group stage. Notably, Portugal only scored this goal from the penalty spot when they were competing against Ghana. In addition, the player who currently holds a record-tying five Ballon d’Ors did not record any more assists and was not a member of the typical squad that competed in the group stage. Even the legendary player who had spent his career at Real Madrid was ranked among the worst players in the group round.

As a result of what has been demonstrated, it is easy to comprehend why Ronaldo’s impact in the hearts of fans has shrunk to such a minor degree. This is most likely due to the fact that the Portuguese superstar has seen a significant deterioration in his form as a result of advancing age. Only a select few athletes are able to maintain their optimum performance level past the age of 37.

Ronaldo’s history with the Portuguese national team has never been marred by uncertainty regarding his place in the starting lineup. However, at the moment, the fact that the player who holds a record-tying five Golden Ball titles regularly starts for the team is drawing a significant amount of criticism and scrutiny. Despite this, the captain of the Selecao is still regarded as a significant representative of Portuguese football. CR7 is currently the player that has scored the most goals for the national team. He currently owns the record (118 goals).


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