Played 1 match in Arabia, Ronaldo overcomes Mbappe and Messi in the impossible category

According to the data collected by HopperHQ, Ronaldo’s earnings from Instagram promotional posts increased to around £2m in 2022, up from approximately £1.16m in 2021. A total of 528m people follow the Portuguese superstar on social media. On the most popular app for sharing photos and videos in the world, you have been followed.

At the moment, Ronaldo is an endorser for a variety of companies and products, such as Nike, Clear shampoo, Louis Vuitton, the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, and the Livescore app. After quitting Manchester United, the 37-year-old has agreed to terms that will pay him 175m pounds a year to play for the Al Nassr club in Saudi Arabia.

Messi, an Argentine superstar who recently won the 2022 World Cup, is a potential ᴅᴀɴɢᴇʀ to Ronaldo’s status as the best player in the world. Messi’s victory came a month ago. Messi will be the most sought-after player in the world after he wins the world championship. This will not only help him finish a big collection, but it will also help him complete the collection.

Messi currently has 414m followers on Instagram and currently collaborates with sponsors such as Budweiser ʙᴇᴇʀ, computer games Call of Duty and eFootball, energy drinks Gatorade, cryptocurrency exchange Bitget, and a manufacturer of artificial eyewear. Orcam.

Neymar sits third in the standings, behind Ronaldo and Messi. The Brazilian celebrity makes close to £784,000 for each branded post they make. The final two names in the top five are all former greats who have since retired. David Beckham, a former attractive midfielder, comes in at number four on this list with an earnings average of £330,000 each promotional post. Ronaldinho, however, cracks the top five with an earnings average of over £300,000 every branded post.

There are still competitions for the top five players who have yet to be eliminated. Both Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Liverpool and Mohamed Salah of Liverpool finished in sixth and seventh place, respectively, in the rankings. Toni Kroos, Luis Suarez, and Gareth Bale are the three names who remain in the top 10 after these three.

The top ten players who bring in the most money from promotional posts on Instagram and their rankings

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – £2m/post

2. Lionel Messi – 1.5m pounds/post

3. Neymar – £784,000/post

4. David Beckham – £330,000/post

5. Ronaldinho – £299,000/piece

6. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – £241,000/post

7. Mohamed Salah – £228,000/post

8. Gareth Bale, with a salary of £212,000 per post

9. Luis Suarez – £196,000/card

10. Toni Kroos – £152,000/piece


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