Play No Man’s Sky explore 18 trillion planets without discrete graphics card, believe it?

It may seem like a fantasy, but it is entirely possible to explore trillions of planets in No Man’s Sky without a discrete graphics card.

No Man’s Sky is one of the extremely popular games, allowing gamers to explore the universe with more than 18 trillion different planets, even each planet has its own ecosystem, accompanied by diverse flora and fauna, including alien creatures that allow the player to fight or trade them.

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However, perhaps no one would have imagined that a game with such a large number of planets and creatures could be played on the Internet. iGPU (Card Onboard) right?

More specifically, the developer of No Man’s Sky has suddenly announced to reduce the required configuration of this game and the gaming community has been able to conquer the planets with only your iGPU. Accordingly, No Man’s Sky’s requirements will allow gamers to play games with Intel UHD graphics cards, although the proposed configuration change has not been updated on Steam’s version yet.

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Of course, to make your game experience smoother with the highest settings, gamers will need to equip themselves with a discrete card, at least Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060.

Apart from the problem of GPU In addition, the other minimum configuration requirements of this game are also quite gentle for most gamers. Accordingly, you only need an Intel i3 CPU and 8GB of RAM. Also because of this significant change in configuration, any gamer can access No Man’s Sky without having to worry about whether their device is eligible to play g game or not.

Making it possible for gamers to play a space adventure game without any discrete graphics card is an idea that sounds impossible, but in fact, No Man’s Sky was able to do it. This has been proven through the video of Youtuber RandomGaminginHD, through some adjustments, gamers can experience the game with a stable frame.

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