Phil Foden and Girlfriend Celebrate Premier League Victory with Dreamy Holiday

An England and MAN City star Just a few weeks before he broke up with his fiancee, Phil Foden chatted online with a reality TV personality.

In March, the actress, 22, “liked” a photo of social media influencer Holly Burns flaunting her curves in her underwear on Instagram.

We discovered that after checking at his phone while on vacation in June, Foden’s girlfriend Rebecca Cooke yelled at him.

Furious The mother of Phil’s two children, Rebecca, informed him: “We can’t take you anywhere, this always happens.”

22-year-old Rebecca had earlier taken Phil’s phone while he was in the water.

When she became enraged at him and said, “Tell her ‘n’ all,” he did not react.

A few weeks previously, Holly from the ITV2 dating program The Cabins and Premier League star Phil got engaged online.

The picture shows her lying down in her pajamas and skimpy underwear.

“Holly is a stunning girl and obviously attracts interest from a lot of people,” a source added.

There was nothing more to it than a little innocent flirting online.

One of Holly’s supporters is Sasha Attwood, the girlfriend of Phil Grealish’s City teammate Jack Grealish.

She commented that Holly was “pretty” and loved several of her photos.

The event in Corfu wasn’t the first time Phil got himself into trouble.

After inviting two ladies to his room with then-teammate Mason Greenwood in 2020, he was expelled in disgrace from an England tour to Iceland.

In addition to being a blogger and makeup artist, Holly works for TUI as an air hostess.

She frequently posts bikini pictures taken in far-off places on Instagram, where she has 119,000 followers.

She stated that she had not joined the Mile High Club because the “toilets are disgusting” in a statement made before appearing on The Cabins.

On the show, which has singletons spend a day in a log cabin with a potential partner, Holly, from Staffordshire, was paired with Will McGregor, however the two could not strike up a romance.

It’s not the kind of person I want to be associated with, she declared.

“I want to be with someone who works on a sᴇᴄʀᴇᴛ construction site down the road. Simply put, it’s less work.

After the episode aired, they said they stayed in touch and that a potential romance was still open.

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