Performing terrible at World Cup, Tuchel’s ‘treasure’ will 100% be abandoned by Chelsea



If Edouard Mendy continues on his current path, one begins to question whether or not he will ever play for Chelsea again.

In light of Mendy’s recent meteoric decline in performance and Kepa Arrizabalaga’s recent ascent to prominence, there is no choice but to raise some pertinent questions.

Kepa and the goalkeeper who cost $22 million are competing to start for Chelsea, where Graham Potter appears to have a preference for Kepa in the early stages of his tenure as manager.


It is possible that his performance in the World Cup, which has gotten off to the worst possible start this week, will be the cherry on top of the cake.

If Mendy wants to remind everyone, especially Potter, of his quality, there is no greater place for him to do so than the stage that will be used for the World Cup.

The goalie, who is 30 years old, is the first choice for Senegal, which is the team that he was a part of that won the Africa Cup of Nations at the beginning of the year.

On Monday, Senegal’s soccer team played the Netherlands and lost 2-0. The match did not get off to a good start for Senegal.

The goalkeeper for Chelsea made a mistake when handling a cross, which led to the first goal scored by the Dutch side. For the second goal, he parried a shot right into danger, which led to the second goal scored by the Dutch team.

If he performs poorly in an international competition while the eyes of the entire football community are on him, he faces the risk of severely damaging his reputation.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he is able to regain his composure and get back on track within the next week. On Friday, Qatar will play host to Senegal. After that, they play the final match in their group against Ecuador.

In the event that Mendy does not have an impressive showing for the entirety of the World Cup, the majority of people believe he will not be in Chelsea’s starting lineup when club football returns after the tournament.

It’s possible that speculations about him leaving the Blues for another team are the primary driver of the argument over whether or not he will play for them again.

According to an article published in The Telegraph, Mendy rejected the initial offer of a contract extension made by Todd Boehly because he was unhappy with the compensation package. The current contract between the team and the African goalie stretches all the way through 2025.

Even 90min asserts that the Blues have made Mendy available to their direct competition, Tottenham.

Because the January transfer window will begin so soon after the World Cup is over, it will be very interesting to observe the circumstances of his life and the state of mind he currently possesses.

He has proven himself capable of being an outstanding goalkeeper with remarkable reflexes, and his performance was critical to the team’s success in claiming the Champions League title. On the other hand, it is crystal clear that there has been a reduction in the quantity that has occurred since the beginning of the season.

The Blues have been turned down by Rio Ferdinand. Following the decision made by Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo offered a transfer recommendation.

After the news broke on Tuesday that Cristiano Ronaldo was leaving Manchester United, speculation regarding his future will likely rise over the course of the next month as we get closer to the transfer window in January. Following his unexpected appearance on television with Piers Morgan a week ago, Ronaldo has opted to voluntarily resign from his position with the Red Devils, effective immediately.

Since the summer, when a slew of incidents took place at Old Trafford, there has been a significant amount of conversation around the unpredictability that surrounds his future. It has been reported that Ronaldo rejected a deal from Saudi Arabia worth 210 million pounds sterling in the summer because he wanted to leave Erik ten Hag’s side. This year, Ronaldo has been at the center of a number of controversies, the most notable of which being his famous run down the tunnel prior to the final whistle of the match against Tottenham.

Ronaldo is no longer under contract with any team. When he starts what could be his final World Cup campaign with Portugal on Thursday afternoon against Ghana, he will put his club football to the back of his mind and focus solely on the game at hand. right this moment Even Nevertheless, throughout the 2022–2023 season in football around the world, people will continue to speculate about his future despite the fact that he is not now playing.

Chelsea is one of the teams that has been mentioned frequently in connection with a possible transfer for the Portuguese striker. After Todd Boehly spoke with Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes, the subject of Ronaldo came up in conversation following the firing of Thomas Tuchel. At the time, Tuchel had turned down the opportunity to sign Ronaldo after Todd Boehly had a discussion with Mendes.

It’s almost guaranteed that speculations regarding Cristiano Ronaldo returning to Real Madrid or transferring to Stamford Bridge will continue to circulate in the coming days and weeks. Rio Ferdinand, a former defender for Manchester United, believes that preparations are already underway, despite the fact that the general public is unsure of his next move.

“I think both parties will be delighted now,” Ferdinand said in an interview with BBC Sport. It is very evident that he carried out those actions with the purpose of quitting the football squad since he was unhappy there.

“He was really clear and direct in his statement regarding that. In my judgment, Ten Hag has been successful in accomplishing his goals given the current circumstances. Both parties are satisfied with the situation. Moving on is the next step for Ronaldo to take in his story.

When asked what he thought Ronaldo’s next chapter would be, Ferdinand responded as follows: “I guess it depends on what his incentive is, like the Champions League or something like that. Is that money? Is the goal merely to continue having fun in a location that has a pleasant climate? In the background, we will be planning and carrying out these activities.




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