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Inside the £20m Gulfstream G200 plane owned by Cristiano Ronaldo, which has a top speed of 560 mph and can carry his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez.

Therefore, it is not sᴜrprisinɡ that the wantaway Manchester United ace, who is 37 years old, pᴜrcҺased a Gulfstream G200 twin-engine plane for £20m in the year 2015.

It has been reported that he and his partner Georgina Rodriguez have been making the most of the luxury vehicle.

In addition, the cost is well justified.

However, Ronaldo and his family have outgrown the space, and as a result, the Euro 2016 champion recently decided to put his private plane up for sale.

As Ronaldo frequently rents out the plane for a charge that can range from £5,000 to £8,500 an hour, there could be a number of pᴜrcҺasers who are interested in purchasing it.

Read on to learn everything there is to know about Ronaldo’s spectacular private plane.

The G200 has the potential to reach a maximum speed of 560 miles per hour and was formerly known as the “Astra Galaxy.”

Because it can go up to 3,910 miles with four people on board, this aircraft is perfect for making short trips from his new home base in England to major cities all throughout Europe.

The G200, on the other hand, features a spacious seating arrangement and can accommodate anywhere from eight to ten passengers on a single journey.

After completing its first voyage in 1997 and receiving approval from aviation authorities in both the United States and Israel the following year, the G200 became commercially available in 1999.

However, because there were only ever 250 of them produced, Ronaldo’s acquisition was even more unique because of the rarity of the item.

In 2011, when the G250 was only beginning to gain traction in the market, the last manufacturing G200 vehicle rolled off the assembly line. That means it’s from the past!

The G200, which costs £20m, is loaded with features that will make flying in it seem like a step up from first class, as you might expect given the price tag.

In addition to having plenty of space, the apartment that Ronaldo, who is looking to leave Old Trafford this summer, is currently renting features a wardrobe where he can keep his expensive designer clothing.

Along with wireless internet access, other amenities include a telephone, fax machine, electric oven, microwave, refrigerator, and entertainment system.

Those who fly with CR7 might be shown an elaborate movie showcasing his greatest objectives collection as part of the in-flight entertainment experience.

Ronaldo sells private jet to Mbappe

Most likely, Kylian Mbappe will reclaim the Gulfstream G200 aircraft that Cristiano Ronaldo has been using for the past eight years.

Ronaldo wants to sell his jumbo airplane. According to Correio da Manha, CR7 recently found a customer. He has been selling it for a while. It is Kylian Mbappe, who has always looked up to him.

This Gulfstream G200 aircraft was pᴜrcҺased by Ronaldo in 2015 for 20m euros. The name of this aircraft, CR7 in Portuguese, can accommodate 8 to 10 passengers. It has a number of exceptional characteristics and a top speed of 901 km/h.

Since July 2022, he had wanted to sell his aircraft. However, the price CR7 is offering is not favorable. According to Correio da Manha, Ronaldo was able to persuade clients to pᴜrcҺase after making a number of revisions, with Mbappe being the most recent name.

Although the sale price has not been made public, it is most likely to fall between 12 and 16m euros. Mbappe has long looked up to CR7. He used to show Ronaldo images that were all around the room from when he was a young player. That may be one of the causes for Mbappe’s call to “reclaim” his idol’s aircraft.

Ronaldo sells the jet simply because he doesn’t use it very much. He is now more content with the Gulfstream G650. This plane costs 64.5m dollars, seats 18 people, and travels at a top speed of 956 kilometers per hour. Ronaldo, his fiancée, and their kids would find it more pleasant to live in different sections for sleeping, working, dining, and relaxing in a larger place.

The Al Nassr celebrity, however, does not possess a jet. He paid a private airline 6,000 euros per hour to charter it for him.

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