Overwatch team was heavily criticized for announcing goodbye to players before telling them

A player was notified of his removal from the roster through an organization’s Twitter post, rather than being notified directly.

When it comes to unprofessionalism, Overwatch League is a leading name that is second to none. Just a few weeks ago, a team Overwatch player Florida Mayhem was subtly removed from the team with a simple Twitter post combined with several roster shuffles that caused him to leave the team in frustration.

“You guys didn’t have the right to meet me in person and now you’re trying to hide it without any real announcement,” the frustrated player said.

Overwatch player learned he was fired in an unexpected way 1

Now, another team is New York Excelsior have a similar situation. They did not announce the firing of their roster support player Seo “Myunb0ng” Sang-min directly, instead making a post on the team’s Twitter page. Even this guy was so confused that he re-shared the organization’s post with a question mark, proving the crap of this organization.

Overwatch player learned he was fired in an unexpected way 2

The post was promptly removed. Hours later, a statement was released apologizing for what they said was “misinformation”, but still firing the player. “Today, we posted a notice thanking Myunb0ng for their time, however, we were unable to contact the team prior to this announcement. We take full responsibility. responsibility and no excuses.”

Overwatch player learned he was fired in an unexpected way 3

Despite being one of the core players of the team since January of this year, Myunb0ng was not informed about his strangely kicked out like this. The organization also added that “while we wish this was better communicated, we really appreciate your time with us and wish you the best in your efforts.” you in the future.”

New York Excelsior is currently in 11th place out of 13 teams participating in the 2022 season.
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