Outraged by the reserve, Ronaldo was mad to ꜱmaꜱh ‘pride’ of his life

Seemingly too inhibited because he had to sit on the bench in the round of 1/8 World Cup match between Portugal and Switzerland, Ronaldo repeatedly smashed his shoe.

Portugal has accomplished an outstanding victory over its opponent in the 1/8 round with a demolition score of 6-1, so proudly gaining a ticket to enter the competition. This is despite the fact that it is anticipated that it would encounter a great deal of difficulty when playing Switzerland. play their way into the quarterfinals of the World Cup in 2022.

Pepe, Guerreiro, and Leao scored for Portugal, but the most impressive goal was the hat trick that Goncalo Ramos scored. Ramos was the first man to start for Portugal at the 2022 World Cup.

The supporters were taken aback by Ronaldo’s perplexing reaction to his brother Ramos’ goal, which he had just witnessed. When CR7, who is now 37 years old, destroyed a water bottle in the cabin area of the Portugal team, even the camera got an unflattering sight of the striker.

While Ronaldo was waiting for what seemed like an eternity to be permitted onto the field, he not only stopped to take sips from the water bottle, but he also repeatedly smashed his football boots on the grass. Notable is the fact that Nike created the Zoom Mercurial CR7 shoe with Ronaldo and the 2022 World Cup in mind when they did so.

The primary color of these shoes is white, and they have blue patterns on them that were designed to seem like Azulejo bricks, which are a symbol of Portugal’s history, culture, and architecture. According to Nike, this shoe will assist CR7 in getting “closer” to Portugal on the way to claiming victory in the Gold Cup.

In addition, the sneakers include the one-of-a-kind CR7 emblem, which is a mark of pride for Ronaldo and the remarkable career he has had. In Ronaldo’s career, this is the 31st different shoe model that he has worn.

Despite the fact that Ronaldo’s teammates helped him out, the coach Fernando Santos continued to play him in the middle of the second half. However, Ronaldo’s performance was still quite poor. As a result of the rise of the promising young player Goncalo Ramos, the coach Santos may have a strategy in mind for the striker position in the upcoming matches.

Spain’s defeat against Morocco: Passing a lot for what?

Prior to Morocco in the 2022 World Cup quarterfinals, Spain had to forfeit. They failed to resolve the game inside the prescribed 120 minutes and suffered a tragic penalty shootout loss. Another poor World Cup performance by the “bull nation” team.

Prior to Bounou’s score, Morocco actively played back to establish two levels of defense. With its ball-controlling style of play, this has presented significant challenges for Spain.

Spain just missed two shots in the opening 30 minutes. They too lacked attack strategies and even encountered two Moroccan counterattacks. At the conclusion of the first half, Spain had completed 439 passes, but none of them were meaningful because they did not pose a threat to Bounou’s goal.

Spain maintained control throughout the second and second halves of extra time, making no adjustments to its attacks. In the event that Cheddira made advantage of Morocco’s four clear possibilities, Luis Enrique’s army was on the verge of pulling back.

Balde and Nico Williams were added by Luis Enrique so that he might benefit from their quickness on the sidelines. However, it was already too late to breach Morocco’s two defenses. Spain passed the ball a total of 1019 times in 120 minutes, which is three times more than the opposition. However, the effectiveness was 0%.

The European representative had 120 minutes during which he was not required to convey the upper door team’s emotions. When the penalty shootout began, it appeared like Spain’s skill and experience would help them win, but instead, they missed all three 11-meter attempts and had to concede defeat.

The fact that Spain lost on penalties was just a result of having a pale face for the entire official 120 minutes. Luis Enrique’s troops delivered the tedious, futile kick, and their expulsion was entirely justified.

There was a great deal of debate before the competition concerning Spain’s roster. When Barcelona’s frame has been disappointing with the “logs” of Dani Olmo, Marcos Llorente, or Morata, those critiques are now entirely justified. Once more, Spain fell short of expectations, and after the World Cup, Luis Enrique’s future will be seriously in doubt.

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