Official: United agreed to swap Dalot for Alves’s ‘heir’, OTF welcome a new ‘lighthouse’

According to a number of different sources, Manchester United is reportedly willing to trade Diogo Dalot to Inter Milan in exchange for Denzel Dumfries.

Multiple sources claim that Manchester United are prepared to part with Diogo Dalot in order to make a deal with Inter Milan that will allow them to purchase Denzel Dumfries.

In light of the fact that Aaron Wan-Bissaka was getting closer to leaving the club, it was believed that United was attempting to sign a right defender in order to provide competition for Dalot.

The Red Devils have shown interest in Dumfries as a prospective replacement, despite the fact that Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur have also been connected with him in recent weeks. There is interest from more than just the Red Devils in acquiring him.

According to Pianet Azurro, Manchester United are reportedly willing to make an offer of €30 million (which is around £25.8 million) plus Dalot as part of a package to sign the Dutch player.

Recently, Rafaela Pimenta, who represents Dumfries, revealed that his client may leave company with Inter after having initially joined the club in 2021 from PSV Eindhoven. Dumfries had previously played for PSV Eindhoven.

In 65 matches for the Italian club, he has provided seven goals and 10 assists, and he played exceptionally well for Italy at the 2022 World Cup. He has appeared in sixty-five different games.

The 26-year-old player started all five of the Netherlands’ games, and he was essential in their triumph against the United States in the round of 16, where he scored one goal and gave two assists. He also started all five of the Netherlands’ games in the round of 16. Additionally, he started for the Netherlands in all five of their games.

Despite saying little, Antoine Griezmann spoke a lot about Manchester United

When Antoine Griezmann entered the Old Trafford news conference room in March with a beanie and scruffy hair, an Atletico Madrid official may have remarked, “See what you could have won.”

Griezmann remained in Madrid because Atletico Madrid had defeated Manchester United five years prior, and the Court of Arbitration for Sport upheld the ban on transfers after it was lifted.

On French television in May 2017, Griezmann teased United supporters that he would sign with them.

Griezmann is not as well-known as Ronaldinho, Shearer, Gascoigne, etc. His second World Cup would allow him to join them.

In March, it was inquired of Griezmann whether he was surprised by United’s decline following his French liaison.

Whether they are in the league or the Champions League, he said, “It’s never simple.” Players are signed by rival teams.

But winning the championship, Champions League, and Europa League is normally exceedingly difficult.

“Some opponents sign specific players,” a lot was said for nothing. Griezmann avoided a bullet but was destroyed by Barcelona’s hedonistic spending.

According to Griezmann’s contentious 2018 Decision, he would have disagreed with Jose Mourinho. Pogba and Griezmann are close.

Antoine Griezmann recorded an advertisement rejecting a call from “Jose” a day before United realized he had rejected them. Griezmann’s brother, Theo, claimed to be a United supporter. The brand-obsessed Pogba is just one of too many egomaniacs that United have bought, and their summer signings have demonstrated that character is just as essential as quality.

The Netflix documentary by Griezmann was exactly what you’d expect from a player who made their Barcelona rejection public. Griezmann is shown as the target of the jeers of Atleti supporters in his Oscar speech tears.

Griezmann is a selfless superstar on the pitch. He has always radiated that quality after spending almost seven years under Diego Simeone, a coach who best represents the group.

In Atletico’s victory over Manchester United in the round of 16 of the Champions League nine months ago, Marca dubbed Griezmann “the perfect match.”

Lorenzo Lara said, “He was one of the most amazing players.” He always had a plan in place. Defense and offense. He sacrificed and provided mercilessly in the second half, occasionally playing as the second right back, and he helped Lodi score the game-winning goal.

Griezmann crossed for Olivier Giroud’s winning shot while wearing long sleeves because of his David Beckham idolatry. Griezmann defeated Morocco in the semifinals and was named MVP.

Few people have thought about Griezmann joining a resurgent United team in 2017. Romelu Lukaku, according to the team, was their primary target and the No. 9 was more tolerant of Mourinho. Only Griezmann’s selfless dedication and sacrifice are greater than Lukaku’s physique. Griezmann continues to be Mourinho’s “magician.”

Through his connections at Atletico, Mourinho was informed in March 2017 that Griezmann’s attachment to Atletico was strong enough to prevent him from joining United. Andrea Belotti of Torino was observed by United. Alvaro Morata served as a lure for Lukaku.

Griezmann scored the game-winning goal in the 2018 World Cup championship after Croatia had tied it. Dayot Upamecano, Ousmane Dembele, and Adrien Rabiot could start for France in the championship game on Sunday.

Raphael Varane donned red ten years after the fact. Griezmann is not going to Manchester from Madrid.

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