Offcial: United agreed to swap Dalot and Martial for France’s ‘new Commander’

There have been reports coming out of Italy that suggest Manchester United may have their sights set on AC Milan defender Theo Hernandez. If these reports are to be believed, Manchester United may be interested in signing Hernandez. The country of Italy is the source of this information.

According to Calcio Mercato Web, the Red Devils are purportedly plotting a move for the summer and have their sights set on the star player who is now playing for France. This information comes from speculations that were reported by Calcio Mercato Web.

According to the Italian daily, United aims to supply Hernandez’s value in the form of a swap transaction, so creating a ‘two for one’ deal for the player. This would make the transfer a ‘two for one’ deal. In this scenario, United would be entitled to the services of two players as compensation for Hernandez’s departure.

There is a widespread belief that Diogo Dalot and Anthony Martial will play the role of makeweights in the transaction. Prior to it, Dalot had been a member of the Rossoneri for a period of one year on loan.

And with speculations claiming that Hernandez’s club rates him at about €60 million, an offer like that would persuade Milan to consider making a move for him.

However, in view of the fact that both players are scheduled to become free agents at the conclusion of the 2019–20 season for Manchester United – not to mention Martial’s weekly wages of £250,000 – the club would need to come up with some additional funds in order to make a trade work.

All of that appears to be a possibility that is extremely remote for a number of different reasons.

To begin, swap deals are highly rare since it is difficult to successfully complete them. This complexity is increased by a factor of three when there are three parties involved in the transaction.

Second, after Dalot’s rebirth while he was being mentored by Erik ten Hag, it would be a very strange decision to let him go free after he had been trained by Erik ten Hag. This is especially true when taking into consideration the fact that the player himself is excited about the prospect of renewing his contract with the club after reaping the benefits of his improved form.

Next up would be Anthony Martial, who, despite his history of injury problems, would be Ten Hag’s only choice at center forward come June, when Wout Weghorst’s loan from Burnley comes to an end. Wout Weghorst is currently playing for Burnley on loan from Manchester United. The player was brought to the club on loan from Burnley.

And third, from the perspective of constructing a team, it makes zero sense to trade the one and only right back the manager has ever put a significant amount of his faith in over an extended period of time in order to get a left back. In addition, the manager would have to part with the lone striker he currently has in order to complete the trade.

Theo Hernandez is absolutely world class when he’s on his game, but he simply does not play in a position that this Manchester United team needs to be spending money – and players – on. Luke Shaw and Tyrell Malacia are both solid possibilities at left defender, and despite the fact that Theo Hernandez is definitely world class when he’s on his game, he does not play in a position that this Manchester United team needs to be spending money on.

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