Not only Elon Musk, Apple join the race to buy Man United from the Glazers


According to reports, the American technology giant has entered the competition for ownership of Manchester United.

After making an offer to sell the team, the Glazer family was quoted in the British media as claiming that Apple had entertained the possibility of taking back its holdings in the “Red Devils.” This information was provided after the Glazer family made an offer to sell the team.


The most significant technology company in the world is currently in a position to buy MU for a price that is believed to be fair, which is close to £5.8 billion.

The international corporation with its headquarters in California has never owned a major league sports team in the past, but the commercial opportunities given by MU ought to stimulate their interest in the possibility of doing so.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has stated interest in exploring further commercial potential in the sports industry, and the timing of the possibility to pᴜrchαse MU could not be greater because it presents itself at the perfect moment.


Prior to Tim Cook’s acquisition of Manchester United, another famous American chief executive officer of a technology business, Elon Musk, had previously indicated interest in owning the soccer team.

In April of 2021, Musk posted the following on his personal page on his website: “Just thought I’d let you all know that I’m thinking about purchasing Manchester United! What kind of ideas do you have? “.

Following that, the half-joke and half-truth that this CEO shared on social networks received a lot of attention because of its viral nature.

A good number of individuals were under the impression that Musk was merely playing about; nonetheless, the American businessman eventually disclosed that one of his aspirations for the foreseeable future is to be the owner of a sports team of his very own.

It was confirmed on the webpage of Manchester United early in the morning of November 23 (Hanoi time), that the current American owners of the team wanted to welcome partners to pᴜrchαse the club in the near future.

According to the information that has been gathered, the amount of money that the Glazer family expects to get as a result of this deal is 7 billion pounds.

On the other hand, a significant number of individuals who hold the reputation of being financial experts are of the opinion that the “Red Devils” can be pᴜrchαsed for somewhere about 5 billion pounds.

Apple is only one of a large number of well-known corporations and people who are now considering making an offer to acquire MU.

According to recent reports, David Beckham is looking for a potential financial partner in the hopes of jointly purchasing the Old Trafford club.

Since the Glazer family bought Manchester United for a total of 790 million pounds using financial leverage in 2005, Old Trafford has been under the hands of the Glazer family for the past 17 years. This transaction took place in 2005. Some individuals are under the impression that the American owners are attempting to squeeze as much money as possible out of the team. The Glazer family has accumulated more riches than any other owner in the history of the Premier League as a result of their ownership of a club in that league.

The Glazer family is estimated to have reaped a financial reward of 154 million British pounds over the course of the past decade as a direct result of their ownership of Manchester United, as indicated by research that was carried out by Deloitte. [Citation needed] [Citation needed]

This includes the distribution of a dividend that totaled £133 million as well as the sale of shares that brought in £21 million.

The Glazer family owns the majority of Manchester United’s shares, which allows the club to pay dividends to its shareholders. Manchester United is the only club in the Premier League to do so.

The majority of current club owners in the Premier League put significant sums of money back into the organizations that they currently control.

Roy Keane gives his response to the news that Manchester United’s owners, the Glazers, are putting the club up for sale.

The “wonderful news” that Manchester United’s family owners, the Glazers, have decided to put the club up for sale has been praised as such by Roy Keane.

On Tuesday, the Glazer family issued a statement confirming allegations that they were looking for prospective investment, either in the form of a partial bid or a full scale buyout. United supporters have been vocal in their opposition to the ownership of the club by an American family for a long time.

Keane led Manchester United to a plethora of trophies during Sir Alex Ferguson’s tenure as manager, but he resigned as captain of the team not long after the Glazer family gained control of Old Trafford in 2005. The Irish pundit stated the following while speaking on ITV Sport: “That’s good news for United fans, again, the last few years they’ve wanted owners out, there’s been no relationship, they [the Glazers] are business people so it’s good news for the fans.” [Again] “That’s good news for United fans, again, the last few years they’ve wanted owners out, there’s been no relationship, they [the Glazers] are business

Ian Wright, another political commentator, held the same viewpoint as Keane. “I’m glad because the fans have not stopped from the time they’ve been there in regard to the protests,” the Arsenal legend stated. “I’m pleased because the fans have not stopped because they respect the protests.” “If anything like that were to occur, you might find yourself wondering whether or not a team of that scale would have significant fan involvement simply to keep the fans informed of what’s going on.

“The fans have been fantastic; it would be great if it could happen for the fans because they’ve wanted it from the very beginning; there’s a chance it may happen; keep your fingers crossed for the United fans”

As a result of the excellent job that the Raine Group did in arranging the sale of Chelsea Football Club from Roman Abramovich to a consortium led by Todd Boehly in the summer, the Glazer family has decided to hire the Raine Group as their exclusive financial advisors to handle any potential sale of their company. This figure has caught the attention of United’s owners, who are following in the footsteps of Liverpool’s owners Fenway Sports Group in putting their club up for sale. That deal saw Boehly and company pay an initial $2.85 billion for Chelsea. This price has inspired United’s owners to put their club up for sale.

The Glazer family paid $790 million for Manchester United in a transaction that was mostly characterized by the club taking on massive amounts of debt in the context of a leveraged buyout. The fact that the Glazers have used the earnings the club has earned to cover the debt as well as fill their own pockets with monthly dividends has been a major source of frustration for United fans over the years. They are upset that the Glazers have done both of these things.

Even if a sale might not go through for quite some time, there have already been other investors who have expressed interest in the property. Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the owner of Ineos and the richest man in Britain, has been a lifelong supporter of Manchester United and had expressed interest in purchasing the club in the past.

A number of times in the past, Ratcliffe has expressed interest in the possibility of initiating a takeover of United, and he even submitted a late offer to pᴜrchαse Chelsea in the summer. His most recent comment was given the previous month at an event hosted by the Financial Times, where Ratcliffe stated that “Manchester United is controlled by the Glazer family.” I have met Joel and Avram. I have to say that they are among of the finest people I have ever met, and they are true gentlemen. They have no intention of selling it.

“The father has six children, and all of them own the business. Following on from what happened with Chelsea, it is true that we would have considered making an offer for it if it had been up for sale during the summer. However, we can’t just wait around and keep our fingers crossed that Manchester United will become available sometime.

A new report from the Telegraph claims that Ratcliffe has reversed his position in response to the statement made by the Glazers and will make an offer to pᴜrchαse the club, despite the fact that he is concerned about the price tag. The Glazer family is asking for a world record fee to hand over control of their company, with the potential for the overall price to reach £8 billion.

Similarly to Ratcliffe, former Goldman Sachs boss Lord Jim O’Neill has admitted that he would be open to launching a new bid with a consortium after the Red Knights campaign in 2010 was unsuccessful; however, he currently has reservations over the asking price.

According to O’Neill, “[Those figures are] obviously what they’re floating, but I don’t think that’s realistic,” especially considering the fact that the few intelligent people who might be vaguely capable of putting together those kinds of sums can see the same information that the Glazers can see.

“I believe that they believe that Chelsea was pᴜrchαsed for an excessively high price, and that United should be a premium. Now, in my opinion, they are acting a little strangely and a little bit desperately by going so public that they can capture anyone who is foolish enough to pay them the money that they want.



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