Not Mbappe, France’s wizard will be final ‘key man’ vs Argentina

Mbappe, Giroud shine but Griezmann is the main character of the French team.

Griezmann, who has a consistent performance throughout the tournament but is less frequently acknowledged than Mbappe or Giroud, is the heart and soul of the French team.

The French national team’s stars will reach significant milestones at the World Cup 2022. To surpass Thierry Henry’s previous mark of 51 goals, Olivier Giroud became France’s leading scorer. Five goals by Kylian Mbappe brought the World Cup’s overall goal total to nine. No player has performed better in the World Cup arena at age 23 than Mbappe.

Antoine Griezmann, who doesn’t lead the team in goals scored or assists, nevertheless, deserves to be mentioned. In another aspect, Griezmann’s significance is demonstrated.

Griezmann wore the No. 10 jersey throughout the 2018 World Cup. In order to unite Mbappe and Giroud into an attacking trio, the Frenchman switched quickly between the right flank and the center. At that time, France’s midfield consisted of Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante, with the vivacious Blaise Matuidi serving as the shuttle.

The French midfield proved ineffective when Kante and Pogba were sidelined due to injuries, and Matuidi was past his prime. Adrien Rabiot and Aurelien Tchouameni were the only inexperienced players on the national squad under coach Didier Deschamps. Griezmann had to be moved to midfield by him.

The French player’s energy must now be split between sweeping, assisting defense, pushing, and catching opponents, rather than being used to score or create.

For Griezmann, this assignment presents the biggest difficulty. Griezmann played only approximately 30 minutes per game after transferring from Barcelona to Atletico Madrid at the start of the season. The few minutes have no bearing on Griezmann’s ability. Because Atletico intended to “circumvent the law” in order to avoid having to pay further fees for Barcelona, he played less games.

Griezmann left the field at Camp Nou before joining Atletico because he was having trouble relating to the game. Although the former Real Sociedad player desires to play in a leadership capacity, Lionel Messi is simply too good for him.

The term that most describes Griezmann’s experience since winning the 2018 World Cup is uncertainty. However, this has little effect on Griezmann’s standing inside the French team. He has spent the last five years playing consistently with “Gaulois Rooster.” Griezmann ensures a solid physical basis with his commitment and professionalism, enabling him to play continually at a high intensity throughout the 2022 World Cup.

Griezmann’s best effort came in the semifinal matchup with Morocco. By defeating Belgium, Spain, and Portugal, Morocco advanced to the semifinals. With a strong performance against France, the African representative demonstrated that earning a spot in the 2022 World Cup semifinals was no accident. While Mbappe and Giroud were closely pursued, Morocco was unable to stop Griezmann.

The Atletico Madrid midfielder assisted Theo Hernandez in scoring the game’s opening goal and produced twice as many chances as any other player on the field. Griezmann deflected Mbappe’s pass after receiving a cross from Raphael Varane before the French No. 10 completed slamming the ball to Theo Hernandez.

Griezmann excels in both attack and defense, and his defensive contributions—3 clearances, 2 tackles, and 2 interceptions—helped Morocco draw a match. In order to help clear the ball, Griezmann frequently moved back to play with central defender Ibrahim Konate or defensive midfielder Tchouameni.

The significance of the number 7 on the French team was demonstrated by Griezmann winning the award for best player of the game with a score of 7.8 by Whoscored (the second highest on the pitch).

Griezmann has produced 7 clear scoring opportunities for France since the start of the competition. Three of those chances led to goals, enabling Griezmann tie Messi and Harry Kane for first place on the 2022 World Cup assist list (both three times).

Griezmann performed for France as if he were a solid, long-lasting shuttle working on a loom to guarantee the number of troops needed for an attack or defense.

“Griezmann was omnipresent during the France vs. Morocco game. Griezmann’s ability to ignite was what led to the onslaught. Griezmann also played crucial roles on defense. He was exceptional “Sky Sports score.

On December 18, the World Cup final is likely to include Messi and Mbappe as its stars. But despite the fact that Griezmann’s role is different than it was four years ago, Didier Deschamps’ team will still need his influence if they hope to successfully defend their throne.

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