Not for Messi, Argentina receive bad news as 2 key defenders have to face ‘suspension’

Argentina, despite making it to the 2022 World Cup semifinals, could lose against Croatia.

Croatia will be a formidable opponent for Argentina in the 2022 World Cup semifinals.

It is clear from what Luka Modric has demonstrated that Croatia is the best contender to win the 2022 World Cup.

The plaid team has excellent line communication and plays strong defense. They can easily defeat a number of powerful opponents, including Brazil and Belgium, for the same reason. Argentina must undoubtedly step up its offensive to get past Croatia’s formidable defense and into the goal of goalkeeper Dominik Livakovi.

Argentina had to suffer a severe defeat, nevertheless, because head coach Lionel Scaloni had not been able to identify the team’s leaders.

As a result of receiving two yellow cards and being punished, left defender Marcos Acuna and right back Gonzalo Montiel will miss the 2022 World Cup semifinals.

Those are actually La Albiceleste’s most significant absences, since Marcos Acuna is the country’s top left winger and Gonzalo Montiel is also progressively earning trust ahead of Nahuel Molina’s decline.

On the other side of the front line, although up to 4 players had to receive 1 yellow card before the quarterfinals, Luka Modric, Dejan Lovren, Borna Barisic and Mateo Kovacic, but Croatia did not face any loss for the semi-finals. the end, because the players mentioned above were all uncarded in the match against Brazil.

When asked about the preparations for the 2022 World Cup semi-final with Croatia, coach Scaloni emphasized:  “Football is always changing, it’s difficult to predict anything. But I want to see Argentina in the final of the World Cup 2022.”

Meanwhile, Croatia’s coach, Mr. Dalic, also affirmed that his team is now the bright ones to win the 2022 World Cup. Therefore, he and his students were full of energy to enter the match. semi-final against Argentina.

FIFA gives the final verdict, Messi’s team breathes a sigh of relief before the semi-finals

Argentina is getting closer to winning the 3rd World Cup in history. This team reached the eighth round with the first place in Group C. In the knockout round, despite facing many difficulties against Australia, La Albiceleste still got what they needed, a 2-1 victory to win tickets. in the quarterfinals.

Here, Argentina has faced the biggest challenge since the beginning of the 2022 World Cup is the Netherlands. The two teams gave a dramatic and exciting match during 120 minutes (official and extra time) and had to settle the winning and losing on a lucky penalty.

On the penalty spot, representatives from South America are braver and more excellent to win tickets to the top 4 strongest teams.

However, the overly celebratory actions of the Tango dancers received much criticism. Accordingly, after Lautaro Martinez successfully made the decisive 11m, Otamendi, Paredes and other Argentina players celebrated mocking the opponent.

Many people believe that the Argentine players should be given adequate consequences for their unsportsmanlike and provocative actions, and they are not alone in this opinion. However, the most recent evidence suggests that the World Football Federation will not impose any sort of sanction for the provocative act that was committed.

However, when FIFA begins to investigate derogatory words made towards the referee who is in control of the match, Messi and his teammates run the risk of earning another penalty. Regarding the investigation described above, there are no findings or conclusions available at this time.

Argentina is putting in a lot of work in the gym in order to get ready for the semi-final match against Croatia. La Albiceleste will be able to raise its hands to the illustrious championship trophy if it is able to triumph over the team that finished in second place last year.

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