Not Felix, United just accepted to break Neymar’s record to recruit ‘Cole 2.0’ as ‘New Midas’

Manchester United should make every effort to recruit Lille’s Jonathan David rather than caving in to Atletico Madrid’s demands for Joao Felix. David is now a member of the French team. Joao Felix is a player that Atletico Madrid is interested in trading for from Manchester United. David is currently employed by Lille under a temporary employment arrangement.

Publications like the Daily Mail claim that the 22-year-old forward’s recruitment has been strongly linked to Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag. These publications disseminated this information.

The most recent report that was published by AS claims that the manager of the Red Devils has been connected to a high-profile and high-priced trade for the excellent player Joao Felix who is currently playing for Atletico Madrid. AS was the first organization to report on this information. It is generally accepted that a significant monetary payment on the side of the Red Devils will be required as part of the terms of the deal (print edition December 26, page 4).

It is feasible to acquire David for a cost that is noticeably lesser than what is required in order to acquire Felix. This is due to the fact that David can be obtained through a different method. It has been proposed by Florian Plettenberg that Lille may be able to sell him for roughly 45 million pounds if they so wish. If this is the case, the suggestion comes from Florian Plettenberg.

In addition to this, the Canadian international player has made it known to the general public that he considers a transfer to the Premier League to be the natural next step in the progression of his professional career. He views this move as the logical next step in the development of his career. In terms of the progression of his professional career, he considers a move to a club playing in the Premier League to be the logical next step (La Voix Du Nord).

It seems that everyone is in agreement that Ten Hag should bring David to Old Trafford rather than Felix. This is the consensus that has been reached. Regarding this issue, there is not even the least bit of doubt in the minds of any of the parties involved.

United was able to acquire the Canadian forward at a price that was significantly lower than what Felix would have expected to be paid for him. Sincerity requires that I point you that we have no business even discussing this topic. The offensive midfielder for Lille is of a caliber that is comparable to that of a player on Portugal’s national team.

Whoever emerges victorious in the contest for his signature will, assuming they are successful in their efforts to secure his services, be in possession of an outstanding signature. David is an exceptional young talent who demonstrates a great deal of promise.

Due to the lightning-fast speed with which he moves, he exemplifies the definition of what it means to be a live wire. The great athlete who was born and raised in Lille is also well-versed in the techniques involved in finishing. It has only been 37 games, but he has already scored 22 goals for his country, and he has already scored 28 goals for Lille since the start of the 2021/22 season. This is an incredible feat considering how young his international career is. Given how recently he began his career on the international stage, this is an astounding accomplishment. This is an astonishing accomplishment considering how recently he began his career on the international scene.

The acquisition of the Canadian airline would be very profitable for United if it were to go place. This would be an excellent move for the company. It would be to Ten Hag’s advantage if their attacking ranks contained someone with his speed, finishing skills, and mobility. This would put them in a better position to win. He would be a fantastic asset to the club if they were to bring him on.

When you consider that the player is still relatively young and has not yet established themselves as a regular in the Premier League, it seems like an awful lot of money to spend on a player, especially when you take into account the fact that the player has not yet established themselves as a regular in the Premier League. The footballer is asking for a total of £45 million in compensation for his services. It is impossible to cast doubt on either his talent or his capacity for future achievement. Neither of these claims can be challenged. There is no argument that can be made against either of these points.

When compared to what it will someday be worth, the current price will appear like a great deal.

David fits the profile of a guy who would do well in the role of being in charge of organizing the attack that the US initiates. If Ten Hag had players like Marcus Rashford, Antony, Anthony Elanga, and Alejandro Garnacho on either side of him in the attack, he would have a truly devastating offensive team at his disposal.

In the grand scheme of things, £45 million is little change for the Red Devils. The management of United should use every effort to have this deal completed as quickly and trouble-free as feasible in January.

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