‘No love lost’: Mbappe jumped over the fence to ‘grateful’ his fan

After hitting the ball squarely into the seats with his warm-up shot, Kylian Mbappe apologized to a French fan.

Striker Kylian Mbappe hit a deflected shot during a warm-up drill before the quarterfinal match against Morocco, sending the ball straight into the stands.

Unintentionally, Mbappe’s foul shot went straight into the face of a French supporter who had come to the pitch to cheer on the home team.

Fans were startled when the ball struck a spectator in the face since they were unable to react in time to the sudden and unexpected event.

After his shot was deflected, striker Mbappe immediately stepped over the fence to apologize to the French supporters. Fortunately, once the ball went astray, the older supporter was okay and shook hands with Mbappe.

Then, French team supporters had a chance to shake Mbappe’s hand in a very intimate setting.

After that, Mbappe went back to the practice area to get ready for the crucial semifinal between France and Morocco. Mbappe did not score in the subsequent semifinal game, but he consistently produced enthralling phases with the opposition’s goal.

Following the 2-0 victory against Morocco for his France side, Mbappe consoles PSG teammate Hakimi.

On December 18, Didier Deschamps’ team will face Argentina in the World Cup final, and they’ll be motivated to break Brazil’s record of successfully defending the trophy they won in 1962.

Antoine Griezmann: From leftovers to heroes

Use Mbappe if you want to move quickly, and Griezmann if you want to move far. This is the strategy for the French squad to overcome obstacles both on and off the field, break the losing streak to the reigning champions at the most recent World Cups, and qualify for the tournament for a second straight year. on the last.

Mbappe is the Golgo Roosters’ most exciting player. All defenses were breached by the striker’s excellent technique, great speed, and fierce finishing. Griezmann, though, is regarded as the heart of Les Bleus’ performance. This is evident in the squad composition chosen by manager Didier Deschamps. Griezmann would be the “number 10” striker if Mbappe played as a left-wing striker and rarely visited his home ground.

Statistics show how important Grizou’s “brain” was because, on average, he took just one shot per game and scored no goals. In comparison, this attacker contributed 3 assists, 7 wonderful opportunities, and 21 clean-ups. At the World Cup final round of 2022, Griezmann is in the lead in each of the three creative categories described above, surpassing Lionel Messi (with 3 assists, 6 opportunities to create good chances, and 18 passes, respectively). tidy up the table).

If Griezmann’s role is not as noteworthy as Mbappe’s in the early stages, when the opponents are still very easy to play. However, Grizou’s influence is noticeable from the quarterfinals to the semifinals while playing challenging opponents like rival England or the phenomenon of Morocco. The Golgods’ striker was responsible for both of their goals against the Three Lions. When it came to the game against the Atlas Lions, he once more designed the pass for Mbappe to complete and sparked a flurry of activity that resulted in Theo Hernandez’s first goal.

More broadly speaking, Griezmann gave a solid defensive effort against Morocco. In comparison, the striker won 6 duels, 3 clearances, 2 recoveries, and 2 tackles while making 4 clear passes, 4 crosses, and 3 perfect passes. Griezmann, not Tchouameni, was occasionally the midfielder for Les Bleus who sat the lowest and made the save. As a result, without Grizou’s outstanding play and Kante and Pogba’s absence, Les Bleus would not have been able to advance thus far.

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