Multiversus reveals the first images of Gizmo and his gameplay

Multiversus is about to welcome a new character with an extremely cute appearance and heart-stopping gamers.

At now, Multiversus is gaining quite a lot of love from the fans as well as its popularity is indisputable. And soon, the character Gizmo will appear this Thursday, September 8. Before this character is released, Player First Game shared the first look at the character on his Twitter page.

It seems that this guy will be a support character by helping his teammates with different moves. One of them is called Gizmo-A-Go-Go, which allows him to stick to teammates and deal some extra damage or increase defense.

Song of the Mogwai will be a move that helps Gizmo sing and create musical bullets that damage surrounding enemies. The other ability is Hunter’s Bow, which allows Gizmo to shoot a bow and deal scorching damage to opponents. With these settings, players will still have interesting things to discover about him as soon as he is released on September 8.

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