Minecraft: 7 newest seeds you should try in 1.19.2

In this article, JustbartaNews will introduce Minecraft players a list of some of the latest seeds in version 1.19.2.

Sometimes Minecraft players need to tweak their playing experience with specific world seeds. Fortunately, this blocky game community never rests as it constantly shares new seeds that bring many exciting features for players to explore.

With version 1.19.2, most Minecraft seeds that worked for 1.19 still work. So in this article, Minecraft players can find a list of some seeds in version 1.19.2.


The Village is one of the most popular structures in Minecraft, appearing in a number of different biomes. This seed also offers an interesting peculiar village located beneath a large tower in a frigid icy biome.

The player can set up a base in the village (X:-186, Y: 66, Z:232) and then inspect the nearby spiers. Just be careful, holes in the tower near the village can lead a few mobs to your location, so players will want to bring some weapons and armor just in case.


If the player is looking for a collection of structures to explore, this seed might be a good fit. The only draw is that to fully experience the textures of the seed, players will need to play on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.


For Minecraft players who haven’t explored the 1.19 mangrove swamp biome, this seed should be great. The spawn point lies at the border of a vast mangrove swamp, but hides a particularly interesting secret.

Location (X: 912, Z: 608), the player will find a small desert clearing inside the swamp has a desert village. On the opposite edge of the swamp at (X: 1.304, Z: 648), the player can also spot a desert pyramid. There is even another village on the marsh border located at (X: 1,232, Z: 304).


Ancient Cities are among the newest structures added to Minecraft, but they are not intended to intersect with any other biomes or structures. The same can be said for the deep dark biomes in which they reside.

However, if the player ventures with (X: 2.040, Y: -41, Z: -728), you will spot something special in this seed. Specifically, an ancient city is located in a lush cave biome. Needless to say it’s pretty weird and goes against Minecraft’s topography rules, but at the same time it’s quite a pleasant sight.


This Survival Island seed is quite useful in Minecraft, and this seed introduces a particularly interesting island to start with. The player appears on an island divided between jungle and mangrove swamp, providing two different types of wood for construction and lots of food from the forest.

There must also be a fair amount of diversity in mobs spawned by the disparity of biomes and players can find them all on this solitary, isolated island.


If the player wants a rougher start to Minecraft, the seed is quite suitable. Players will start inside a cave, not an island, and this cave is not at all friendly to new players. There is certainly a way out, but players will have to be patient to climb out.

However, once the player has gained experience you can return to the cave with some miner to collect some of the items it brings. Players should also be careful with lava flowing from the mouth of this area.


For players who like to survive in Minecraft, you can try this seed experience. The gameplay in this location entirely revolves around the player appearing in the deep dark biome right in the vicinity of an ancient city. Without anything to protect you, you’ll have to use your stealth and wits to escape the citadel and make your way to the surface.

Players can always return when they have enough equipment to explore the area. Showing up with some weapons and armor also gives them a better chance against Warden, which is a plus.

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