Minecraft 1.19: 5 extremely useful spells that players often ignore

There are many useful enchantments found in Minecraft 1.19, but one of them is often overlooked.

Enchantment or Charm is a feature in Minecraft that allows players to enhance their weapons. Some spells like open or sharp are really popular because they provide immediate tangible benefits. Also these spells are more effective and require less repair.

However, there are some spells in Minecraft that are also extremely useful but often overlooked. In this article, .vn will introduce 5 spells that bring many benefits to gamers but are underestimated in Minecraft 1.19 that players should use more.

Luck of the Sea

Luck of the Sea is a charm for a fishing rod that increases luck when fishing. It increases the chance of catching treasure and reduces the chance of catching trash by about 2% per level. In addition, the chance of catching fish is also reduced by about 0.15% per level.

Overall, fishing is one of the easiest and safest activities you can do while still getting some useful items for your constructions. From spellbooks to nametags and even saddles, spending time fishing with the Luck of the Sea spell can be very beneficial.


With Knockback when taking damage from players, mobs, bullets or explosions, players and mobs are also knocked back. Disorientation and loss of control should not be underestimated, as you and your monster can be thrown back over a cliff or into lava, both potentially fatal.

Knockback multiplies the distance of the base knock. Knockback I will increase 105% of normal and sprint and knockback II will increase these values ​​by 190%. This means that players need to level up the spell or go to level 2 to make it really more powerful.


Multishot (Rain of Arrows) is a spell for bows that allows them to fire three arrows or rocket rockets with 1 shot.

Players often choose bows over crossbows because they are easier to use and do more damage. However, the crossbow can do some tricks that the bow cannot. The Multishot spell is one of these – the player can deal damage to multiple targets or even triple damage to a single target (in the Bedrock version).

Projectile Protection

Many gamers often underestimate the spell Projectile Protection.

Most of the damage the player takes in the game comes from ranged and melee combat, which is easily dodged by moving. This means that enabling Projectile Protection is actually more useful than most of its alternatives. Things like fall damage or fire damage can be dealt with using potions.


Smite is a spell applied to swords or axes, increasing the damage dealt to undead mobs. While the player needs to carry more weapons, Smite is much more effective against zombies, as it deals more damage than Sharpness.

Undead are the most popular mobs in Minecraft. From skeletons to zombies and even Wither, and a lot of mobs that spells are extremely useful for gamers to use.

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