Messi’s wife makes the world go crаzy and jealous

Despite having just reached the top of the world, Lionel Messi still acts extremely lovingly towards his small family.

The World Cup 2022 final round officially ended with a historic achievement for Lionel Messi and his teammates. The representative from South America has excellently defeated France on the fateful penalty shootout to have the 3rd time crowned world champion.

Messi is of course still one of the most prominent names on the side of Tango dancers, he contributed 2 goals in 120 minutes of play and strongly inspired his teammates.

Notably, despite being on the top of the football world, Messi still makes everyone admire by his extremely simple and lovely actions towards his wife (Antonella) and children Thiago Messi (9 years old), Mateo Messi (6 years old) and Ciro Messi (4 years old).

Specifically, after the monumental lifting of the championship trophy with his teammates. El Pulga immediately reached out to his small family to share the joy. The striker born in 1987 also “obeys” Antonella when holding the phone and taking pictures for his partner.

Although small, but containing sincere feelings for Messi’s wife, many people feel admiration.

It is known that Messi and Antonella had a beautiful love story when they both knew each other since the age of 9, when Messi was still an unknown player. The two officially fell in love in 2007 and have three sons together. In particular, Antonella is the first love of the PSG superstar.

Family is a great motivation for Messi to always try at the 2022 World Cup, sharing with the media, the owner of 7 Golden Balls admitted:

From start to finish, until the final whistle blew, I was always thinking about my family. Especially my children, as they get older and more knowledgeable. We had a small family at the last World Cup, but Thiago was too young at that time and didn’t understand anything.”

“Now I see how the kids know how to suffer and enjoy football. They are very excited like all Argentinians – it’s great to be sharing this with them.”

With the lifting of the prestigious gold cup in Qatar, Messi has officially completed his massive collection of trophies and ended any debate about who is the greatest player in contemporary football history.

Messi acts to show ‘king’s bravery’ with Mbappe

After the 2022 World Cup final concluded, French sensation Kylian Mbappe “ignored” superstar Lionel Messi, but Messi still did something that everyone admired.

Argentina finally overcame France on penalties to win the World Cup this year after more than two hours of play.

It’s important to note that Messi and Mbappe, a striker tandem for PSG, are the finest players on both sides. Sadly for Mbappe, despite his best efforts and a hat-trick, he was unable to assist Les Bleus in successfully retaining their title.

As a result, concerns regarding the strained dynamic between Mbappe and Messi were raised prior to the championship. And that actually occurred when the 24-year-old French player made no signals; instead, it was discovered that whatever action he took was a step toward expressing his emotions to his PSG teammate.

Mbappe himself gave his close pal Hakimi a hug and words of encouragement during the most recent semi-final match against Morocco. According to reports, the 24-year-old defender plays for the team that “dislikes” Messi and is a close buddy of the French star in the Park of the Princes.

However, FIFA only recently shared a film with Messi and Mbappe as the primary actors, which was shot after the 2022 World Cup final. In particular, despite the 1998 striker’s icy demeanor toward him, the Argentine great made the effort to hug and console the club’s “juniors.”

Netizens could not conceal their admiration for Lionel Messi prior to this event. The words “GOAT” – The best of all time or “King” – The King,… were frequently commented by the NHM to the holder of seven Ballon d’Or awards under the comment box.

With his career-long desire of winning the World Cup trophy realized, Lionel Messi has now officially joined the select group of nine individuals who have reached all the illustrious peaks in football history male.


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