Messi’s doctor: ‘I want Argentina to lose all 3 group matches’


Diego Schwarzstein is a close doctor and plays an important role in Lionel Messi’s career. Schwarzstein treated the 35-year-old striker after Messi suffered from growth hormone deficiency in the past. Thanks to the successful treatment, 4 years later, the Argentine star signed a contract with Barca and became a legend in the football village.

Schwarzstein has just caught the eye because he has made a shocking statement about Argentina at the 2022 World Cup. Specifically, sharing in The Times, Messi’s doctor hopes Argentina will be eliminated from the World Cup:

“As a football fan, I want Argentina to win the World Cup. However, as an Argentine, I want Argentina to lose all three group matches and be eliminated. Why? Because I believe the Argentine government will take advantage of the success of the national team to cover things up. They can declare a currency devaluation on the day of the Argentina national team match when no one notices the issue.”


Messi’s doctor want Argentina to fail at the World Cup.

Under Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, inflation in the country has reached a staggering 83%, leaving banks regularly running out of money. Schwarzstein added on this:

“I’ve been through many crises in this country, but this is the worst. Data from the government says that to not be poor you have to earn 120,000 Argentine pesos a month (£636). Even so. the monthly salary is 60,000 pesos (£318) so even those with jobs are poor.”


Perhaps what this doctor wishes is likely to come true when Argentina has to receive ᴜnexpected results in the first match at the World Cup after losing to Saudi Arabia.

In another development, Messi admitted that his condition is still good despite practicing his own lesson plan.

Messi was criticized by fans after Argentina’s weak match

Before the match against Saudi Arabia, Lionel Messi certainly couldn’t believe his team had to lose to the West Asian team, especially when this was his last World Cup in Argentina.

After helping Argentina take the lead from the penalty spot, Messi saw his team’s three first-half goals denied for offside.

Messi’s disappointed face after seeing the home team lose the match against Saudi Arabia

Argentina has paid the price for missing too many opportunities against the team that is ranked 51st on the FIFA rankings. Two goals in just five minutes of the second half engulfed Messi and Argentina in their opening match of the tournament in Qatar.

Immediately after the match, many fans made comments mocking Messi after the aforementioned disappointing match.

Messi scored, Argentina still received an unbelievable defeat against Saudi Arabia

“Another World Cup to see a faded Messi,” one fan commented.

Another wrote: “Damn, looks like Messi won’t win the World Cup. What a disappointing match.”

The third quipped: “Messi and Argentina like to make it difficult for themselves in World Cup matches.”

“Complete disɑster from Messi”, added another criticizing Messi.

Messi set many records on the day the Argentina team lost the match

The irony is that on the sad day of the Argentina team, Messi has set a series of important milestones in his career. Accordingly, with the appearance in the match against Saudi Arabia, El Pulga became the first player in Argentina’s history to participate in 5 World Cup finals. Previously, the No. 10 superstar shared this record with Diego Maradona and Javier Mascherano (with 4 goals).

Besides, the striker born in 1987 also became the 5th player to score in 4 different World Cup finals. Before that, he had 1 goal in the 2006 World Cup, 4 goals in the 2014 World Cup and 1 goal in the 2018 World Cup. Sharing this record with El Pulga includes 4 other players, Pele, Uwe Seeler, Miroslav Klose and C. Ronaldo. In particular, CR7 will monopolize this record if it scores in the 2022 World Cup.

And yet, Messi also holds the record for becoming the player with the longest distance to the first goal in the World Cup final (16 years). The first goal of the Argentine superstar in the World Cup was against Serbia in June 2006.


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