Messi ԀеstroyеԀ the best defender of World Cup, Croatia accepted defeat convincingly

Another one of Lionel Messi’s masterful performances is just behind him, and he is now only one step away from completing football.

After Argentina clinched their spot in the championship game of the World Cup taking place this winter, Lionel Messi is now just one match away from filling out his trophy cabinet.

The seven-time winner of the Ballon d’Or displayed his brilliance on a number of occasions during the matchup with Croatia, despite the fact that he appeared to be having difficulty in the early going of the semi-final match on Tuesday due to a hamstring issue.

After a first half hour that was relatively uneventful, Messi would soon start to show his true colors. In point of fact, he started the scoring with a powerful strike from 12 yards out after Dominik Livakovic took down the outstanding Julian Alvarez.

ITV co-commentator Ally McCoist went on to say that the attempt was “unstoppable” in the next sentence. You will have to decide how accurate that statement is.

From that point forward, Croatia had a difficult time defending against players of Argentina’s caliber, including Messi and Alvarez, who added to Argentina’s advantage in the 39th minute.

The Manchester City forward, who is one of the best forwards in the league but plays second fiddle to Erling Haaland at the Etihad, ran from his own half before converting past Livakovic after some questionable defending. Despite being one of the best forwards in the league, the Manchester City forward plays second fiddle at the Etihad.

Things went from bad to worse for the team coached by Zlatko Dalic when the brilliance of Messi caused Josko Gvardiol, a defender who has gained the attention of some of the most successful teams in European football, to suffer from a significant headache.

In point of fact, Gvardiol has been one of the players who has stood out the most during this competition; but, Messi has made him appear to be bang average by doing this.

Following that, Messi provided Alvarez with an assist, and Alvarez quickly doubled his score to clinch Argentina’s position in the World Cup final.

In the championship game, which will take place on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. local time in the UK, they will face either France or Morocco.

In the meantime, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is confident that his old teammate will win the World Cup this year, which will be the player’s last time competing in the tournament in his capacity as a participant.

The team captained by Lionel Scaloni has advanced to the final by virtue of victories over Mexico, Poland, Australia, the Netherlands, and most recently Croatia. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who played with Lionel Messi at Barcelona, believes that victory is “written” in the stars.

“I believe that the winner has already been decided, and you are well aware of who I am referring to. It seems certain to me that Messi will be the one to hoist the trophy.”

Alan Shearer insists the referee made the right call to give Argentina a penalty

Gary Neville has criticized the decision to give Argentina a penalty when Julian Alvarez was tripped over by Dominic Livakovic in their World Cup semifinal matchup against Croatia, claiming the goalkeeper had little else to do.

Lionel Messi converted the penalty shot to give Argentina the early advantage in the crucial match after Croatia’s Livakovic had charged forward with Alvarez in the open before colliding with the forward as he attempted to get around him.

With Livakovic failing to get the ball and instead taking out the man, referee Daniele Orsato made no hesitation in pointing to the spot to give Argentina the early advantage.

He told ITV, “I didn’t think that was a penalty.” The keeper emerges, stops, and Alvarez collides with him. What other options exist?

After reviewing the situation, Roy Keane and Ian Wright, two of his fellow experts, concurred.

Wright, an ex-Arsenal player, stated: “The center-forward has miskicked it. If he kicks it, it goes into the goal, and there is nothing the keeper can do but hold his ground.” There was no foul.

Poor overall defence, but I don’t think it’s a penalty, Keane continued.

But Match of the Day commentator Alan Shearer remained unwavering about the judgement announced in the BBC Five Live studio, stating that it was a straightforward penalty.

What a run from Alvarez, Shearer exclaimed, finding himself in the clear. It’s completely open to him. Livakovic trips him after he dinks the ball over the goalkeeper. I made the proper choice, in my opinion.

The station’s other commentator, former England goalkeeper Rob Green, concurred, stating that the referee had little other option.

As soon as Livakovic commits, the referee had to make a decision. Livakovic realizes he hasn’t won the ball once Alvarez gets that nick. There wasn’t much he could do because there was obvious contact.

Brilliant penalty from Messi; resembles Shearer almost exactly. He did choose the same side as against the Netherlands, but he did it from a much higher position.

As a goalie, once you commit to a dive, you are unable to stand up or jump high. Although there is a chance it will go over the mark, if done correctly, it will be unstoppable.

Ally McCoist and Lee Dixon, two other commentators, agreed that it was a penalty since they pointed out that it would have been a foul elsewhere on the field.

After watching the replays, I’m even more certain that it was a penalty than I was when I first thought it was. Since it’s a free kick everywhere else on the field, I’ll be honest and say I don’t see why they don’t believe it’s a penalty.

I really believe that the referee made the right decision since what the goalkeeper does prevents Alvarez from getting through on goal.

The fact that he’s simply standing there and he runs into him isn’t because he’s challenging for the ball, Dixon continued. “I can’t understand it all,” he said.

Peter Walton, a former referee who frequently offers his professional judgment from a TV studio, backed the official and asserted that Livakovic was unable to touch the ball.

In response to a question about what else the goalkeeper could do, he said, “Well, win the ball. If he’s challenging for the ball and absolutely misses it and catches the player, he’s hampered his movement and it has to be the foul.

“If it’s an outfield player, it’s always a foul; the same rule applies to the goalkeeper.” He must ensure that he makes some sort of contact with the ball in order to avoid impeding the player’s movement. Although it may appear harsh, his forward motion has caused a collision, and it is a foul.

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