Messi, Neymar reported bad news to PSG, Mbappe had to return urgently

Messi and Neymar, who are both widely regarded as two of the best players in the world, will not be traveling with Paris Saint-German (PSG) to compete in the French National Cup for Chateauroux Club. Instead, they will play for the rival club, Chateauroux.

According to comments that were made by the head coach Christophe Galtier in a recent interview with the press, Messi will not be taking part in the game that is scheduled to take place against Chateauroux. An opponent with a lower ranking than Chateauroux.

Messi has only just recently made his long-awaited return to PSG after taking a break after the 2022 World Cup to focus on his personal life. Even if he put in work at practice for the past two days, he is not yet ready to participate in the game. Galtier indicated that he planned to save Messi for the next Ligue 1 match, which would be against Angers. Angers was the upcoming opponent.

Lionel Messi was a member of the Argentina squad that won the World Cup in Qatar, and when he returned to play for Paris Saint-Germain, the other players on the club welcomed him with open arms and showed him a great deal of respect.

Not only Messi, but also Neymar, will not be participating in the tournament for the French National Cup. A red card had already been shown to the Brazilian international player who was playing in the match that was being played versus Strasbourg.

“My plans include Neymar’s absence, just as they include the absence of the players who have just competed in the 2022 World Cup. “They require relaxation, and in the case of Neymar, he has a bit of an ankle problem,” stated the coach, Galtier. “My plans include Neymar’s absence, just as they include the absence of the players who have just competed in the 2022 World Cup.”

PSG confirms bad news from Neymar after World Cup 2022

It is possible that the injury sustained at the 2022 World Cup will continue to impair the Brazilian superstar, and it is anticipated that he will need to take some time off to recover.

PSG unexpectedly experienced a large number of team defeats after the 2022 World Cup as a result of Lionel Messi’s continued inability to play due to his participation in the competition with Argentina. In addition to this, the squad from the French capital appears to be experiencing a decline in morale as a direct result of their loss to Lens in the Ligue 1 arena.

Even though Messi has already returned to the team, Mbappe and Neymar have not yet shown up for practice due to a variety of circumstances. Even in the forthcoming encounter for the French National Cup against Chateauroux, it is possible that this trio may not play at the same time. This is especially likely given that their No. 10 has not yet fully recovered from an injury.

Before the game, Neymar was advised by head coach Christophe Galtier that he was still not in the ideal shape since suffering an ankle injury at the 2022 World Cup: “We are making preparations for him to make a full recovery. injury that occurred totally after the World Cup, and that is something that will take place within this time period.

I am not concerned about Neymar because despite the fact that he is upset about the World Cup, I can see that he is continuing to give his all for us.”

In addition to the fact that Neymar won’t be playing in the upcoming match, Messi won’t be there either because he has only recently returned from his trip and Mbappe is currently on a break from the team. However, Chateauroux is not an overly formidable opponent, particularly when compared to the level that PSG is currently at.

As was to be expected, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe will both make their return to action for the French champions when they host Angers in Ligue 1 action. Concerning Neymar, it is not yet certain whether or not he will be able to participate in the game.

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