Messi keeps doing ‘weird’ conduct causes community of sandal vendors ‘wake up’

With Argentina’s resounding victory, the World Cup 2022’s final round has officially come to a close.

As per usual, Lionel Messi continues to be the most impressive player; he has contributed to 3 goals, 7 goals, and endless ball handling phases at the highest level. And El Pulga won the World Cup 2022 Best Player title for his great performance.

Messi maintains his modesty and keeps his feet on the ground while leading Argentina to the top of the globe. The PSG superstar’s cautious post-final remarks serve as evidence:

“I know Argentina will win this way,” remarked Messi. The contest was chaotic, but Argentina came out on top. What else can be said about this game? Football is really insane. I want to dedicate this victory to the people of Argentina.

Most recently, Messi’s followers received a wave after a statement he posted on social media. Specifically, Messi actively texted a shoe processing store in 2021 when the message was written.

In fact, Messi took the initiative to send the first message, thanking the shoes’ seller for the excellent product quality and expressing a desire to purchase further pairs.

Luciano, how are you today? Messi composed. Leo here, and I’m grateful that you gave me the slippers. The shoes and the packaging are both top-notch. Please make my wife a pair of Paris roses and accept my kids’ requests for part-time work. Anto wears a size 35, while the children are, respectively, 33, 29, and 26. And the size that fits me best is 42/43.

Messi, a 35-year-old striker for Barcelona, inspired the online community and his supporters with his message because of his humility, straightforwardness, and unwavering devotion for his wife and children.

Lionel Messi is making the most of his final days of holiday after a very taxing World Cup campaign. At the beginning of 2023, El Pulga is projected to join PSG and return to France. Messi will miss three PSG games in total, including one in the French Cup and two in Ligue 1 (games against Racing de Strasbourg and Lens) (game against Chateauroux).

Mbappe helps PSG win the 6th minute of compensation

On December 28, when Lionel Messi was suspended and Neymar was given a red card, Kylian Mbappe shone. He scored the game-winning goal for PSG in the sixth minute as they defeated Strasbourg 2-1 in the round of 16 of Ligue 1.

After a good scuffle in the midfield, Marquinhos poked a hole in the third minute for Mbappe to enter the penalty area. When Gerzino Nyamsi intercepted the French attacker, he pushed two steps before tripping over. Marquinhos had just enough room to knock the ball back into the open net before sprinting off in jubilation.

Referee Clement Turpin, however, whistled before Marquinhos could score, prompting PSG to take the penalty. At 11 meters, Mbappe dropped into the right corner. Although goalkeeper Matz Sels had a nice judgment, Strasbourg was not successful in being saved. After making the score 2-1, Mbappe went to the flagpole’s area to join his teammates and fans in celebration. Then, he took off his jersey.

In the 95th and 40th minutes of the game, Mbappe scored the team’s most recent goals in Ligue 1 since the 2006-2007 season. The 24-year-old striker has tallied 19 goals this season across all competitions, including 12 goals in Ligue 1 and seven goals in the Champions League. With 44 points, eight points, and one match more than the group behind Lens, Mbappe also helped PSG preserve their lead.

Yesterday, Hugo Ekitike, Neymar, and Mbappe made up PSG’s attacking trio. The French striker left the holiday after the 2022 World Cup final on December 18 and immediately began competing when Ligue 1 restarted. While Achraf Hakimi, who will compete on December 17 for third place at the 2022 World Cup, is a reserve, Lionel Messi, who will only join PSG in early 2023, is still relishing the Golden Cup in his native land.

PSG dominated, controlling the ball 71% of the time, and outscoring Strasbourg by six goals. The first goal of the match was scored in the 14th minute by the home squad, who swiftly pounced on the 19th-ranked opponent. Marquinhos picked his spot and headed the ball into the opposition’s goal after Sels failed to catch Neymar’s free kick on the left wing.

But at the start of the second half, Strasbourg equalized the score thanks to a counterattack from the Brazilian center-back. The goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma missed the shot in the 51st minute after Adrien Thomasson stretched over and smashed Marquinhos’ foot to reverse direction. Adrien Thomasson was unable to be stopped. Marquinhos became the first PSG player since Dani Alves against Nantes on April 17, 2019, to score and own a goal in the same game.

Neymar made the error of throwing his hand in the face of Adrien Thomasson while eating, which resulted in him receiving two yellow cards in the 61st and 62nd minutes, respectively. Before Mbappe excelled in extra time, PSG was no longer overrun and stuck in a standstill due to a lack of players.

Additionally, this is PSG’s final game in 2022. On January 1, Mbappe and his colleagues will play Lens in the 17th round. On January 6, they will march to the Chateauroux stadium to start off the third round of the French Cup.

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