Messi faced ‘heavy punishment’ of FIFA leading Argentina into difficult situation

Leo Messi was reportedly extremely dissatisfied with the refereeing in the Argentina vs. Netherlands match, despite the fact that Argentina advanced to the World Cup 2022 semifinals. Argentina and the Netherlands squared off in the game. Even the South American great acknowledged that Antonio Mateu Lahoz, the referee, had several significant performance problems.

“I don’t want to talk about Antonio Mateu Lahoz since everyone knows he has trouble regulating the game, and I have good reason to be furious about this because it seems like he is working against us in many circumstances.

It is incomprehensible that FIFA would select such a referee for the 2022 World Cup. FIFA needs to reconsider its choice, but I won’t say anything further because they are unable to issue a penalty. It is obvious that the referee did not adequately discharge their duties. Leo Messi asked FIFA to allow Antonio Mateu Lahoz, the referee, to stop the mission.

Not only was Messi displeased with the referee’s performance, but he was also quite displeased when the official referenced Louis van Gaal, the manager of the Dutch national team. The national football team of Argentina’s captain said, “He did not respect us; his comments before the game were like a provocation to Argentina. When Louis van Gaal put strikers in the box, he hit the ball far despite promising to play beautiful football. He spoke too much. Argentina deserves to advance because of this.

When Dutch striker Gaston Edul appeared to be about to “rvk” Messi during an interview he was giving to TyC Sports, it seemed as though Messi’s rage had reached a peak. Without any hesitation or second thoughts, Messi retorted, “Look at what, go away, and go back to your squad.”

Everyone was taken aback by Messi’s response, as the ex-Barcelona star had never been known for having such harsh words or actions in the past. On the other hand, this demonstrates Messi’s anger at his opponent’s provocative actions and remarks before, during, and after the match.

When Argentina lost the first game, I am aware that many people were gloating and urging us to give up, but we fought hard and will continue to do so. As such,” Messi said after quickly calming down to answer reporters’ questions. “However, this is still a great game. We have earned a spot in the semifinals.”

Messi and his teammates will face Croatia in the World Cup semi-finals in 2022. Argentina’s chances of winning the World Cup have never been better, especially since their main rival, Brazil, has been eliminated from the tournament.

Messi stated the following to the TyC Sports channel after the quarterfinal match: “He was against us in a number of situations. Referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz clearly failed to perform his duties, but I do not wish to elaborate. FIFA cannot rank such an incompetent official. to control a World Cup match in 2022.”

Messi’s statement was clearly full of the resentment and frustration that he and his teammates had been harbouring toward the Spanish king in black. However, Messi may have to pay for his actions. The World Football Federation considers it extremely improper to publicly criticise FIFA or FIFA members in any capacity, including referees, and they are prepared to impose severe penalties on those who do so.

In the worst-case scenario, Messi will be banned from the 2022 World Cup semifinals. If this scenario actually occurs, it would be d喂sas褌谐ous for Argentina. Messi’s performance at the 2022 World Cup will have a significant impact on South America’s strength. Messi’s absence from the lineup will be a significant loss. Specifically, in the current situation, Argentina must also face a very unsettling team, Croatia, in the semifinals.

Regarding the officiating, coach Scaloni was also dissatisfied, but the Argentine captain provided a more mature and composed response. Scaloni declined to comment on Antonio Mateu Lahoz, the referee. The Argentine captain stated that he has a good relationship with Antonio.


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