Messi equals Ronaldo’s ‘unprecedented’ achievement, Mbappe got more motivation

Lionel Messi officially tied Ronaldo’s club-level scoring record with two goals scored for Paris Saint-Germain in their match against Angers, which they won 2-0.

Lionel Messi rejoined the Paris Saint-Germain squad for their match against Angers in the 18th round of Ligue 1 after a lengthy vacation following the conclusion of the 2022 World Cup. After only a few minutes on the field, the Argentine great established his worth by scoring an incredible goal. resulted in a victory for PSG by a score of 2-0.

Additionally, Messi has scored 696 goals across all competitions for clubs playing in the top 5 European leagues. This goal brings his total to 696. Achieve the same level of success as Cristiano Ronaldo, but with even more amazing numbers.

Messi scored 696 goals in 832 matches, which equates to an efficiency of 0.83 goals per match. In comparison, Ronaldo scored 696 goals in 919 matches, which equates to a performance of only 0.75 goals per match. Messi scored 696 goals in 832 matches. Not only that, but El Pulga also wowed with 297 assists, which is more than 100 assists than the Portuguese great had. El Pulga was a double threat.

As of right now, Ronaldo is playing for Al Nassr in Saudi Arabia. Because of this, he has left Europe and will no longer have the opportunity to get better, unless he comes back to play in one of Europe’s top five leagues at some point in the future. As a result, Messi will very probably break CR7’s record, and even shatter this record in the process.

Messi was offered a higher salary than Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia

After Cristiano Ronaldo, it is Lionel Messi’s turn to become the next transfer target in the Saudi Pro League.

According to Mundo Deportivo, Lionel Messi will receive a salary of nearly 300 million euros per year if he agrees to play for Al Halil club in Saudi Arabia. This level of compensation can make Leo the highest paid player in football. Cristiano Ronaldo is holding this position after being paid by Al Nassr with an income of up to 200 million euros per year.

In Saudi Arabia, football is highly competitive. “Here, we call the epic showdown between Al Halil and Al Nassr the El Clasico,” a source told Mundo Deportivo. Therefore, Al Halil wants to recruit Messi to create competition that is watched by the whole world. But most of all, they do it to raise the bar and let the planet turn to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s goal is to open up to the world and increase tourism into the country. They try to do this through sports projects. By raising its profile, Saudi Arabia is confident it can prevail in hosting the 2030 World Cup. It is allying with Egypt and Greece for that goal.

The formula to attract Messi is similar to Ronaldo. Al Halil will give “El Pulga” a lucrative contract. In the event that Messi accepts to go to the Middle East to play, Saudi Arabia’s status will certainly be enhanced by two of the greatest players appearing in the same tournament at the same time.

In fact, Messi has a good relationship with Saudi Arabia. The 2022 world champion is the country’s tourism ambassador. “Messi wants you to unleash your inner thrill seeker and explore the unthinkable. Come to Saudi Arabia to discover the new and the old,” the description appeared on the travel website ‘Visit Saudi’.

Messi first made his role as a tourism ambassador with a trip to Jeddah in May 2022, a modern city in Saudi Arabia. “This is not Messi’s first visit to the kingdom and it will not be his last,” said Ahmed al-Khateeb, Saudi Arabia’s tourism minister.

In the future, anything is possible. However, it is not easy for Messi to accept going to Saudi Arabia to play football at this time. The 35-year-old striker is about to extend his contract with PSG. He is happy in Paris and does not want to give up European football yet.

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