Meet Your Maker – A new dungeon-breaking game from the creator of Dead by Daylight

Meet Your Maker - A new dungeon-breaking game from the creator of Dead by Daylight

Build a base, gather materials, and sweep your opponent’s outpost in Meet Your Maker.


The developer behind Dead by Daylightstudio Behavior Interactive recently revealed a new game in the making called Meet Your Maker. The game is due out in 2023 and is a game that combines first-person raid and construction elements with engaging gameplay: Players will have to design outposts full of traps and sentinels, then Try to conquer other players’ outposts.​

Meet Your Maker has a lot in common with the genre action game and tower keeper. The game is set on a dying Earth, where the player takes on the role of a Custodian (Guardian) with the task of protecting pure genetic material (aka GenMat) in order to advance Chimera, a survival experiment to protect the last survivors. Therefore, the Custodians needed to build an “impregnable” outpost.​

Players can customize the outpost by taking advantage of blocks, traps, sentries, and even set up a patrol route for the guards. The player then needs to attack outposts created by other Custodians. Each match is different and players will try to break down the opponent’s defenses. This requires both quick thinking and reflexes, but it also takes time to learn the features of the outpost to find the best way to beat its unique challenges.

Behavior Interactive plans to release Meet Your Maker on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X in 2023. Interested readers can sign up for the Closed Playtest here. ​

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