Mbappe’s spiritual element helps France dream of winning the 2022 World Cup

Mbappe, France’s striker, is serving as the “guardian” for his national team at the World Cup. The superstar who was being paid by Paris Saint-Germain to play for Les Blues from the very beginning of the season won every single match that he participated in.

If Mbappe has started every game from the outset of every World Cup, the French national team has never been eliminated. When the name of the 23-year-old star is included in the starting lineup for Les Blues’ World Cup matches since 2018, they have been victorious in every single one of those matchups.

Mbappe is not certain to start every game in the World Cup. Mbappe was a substitute for France during their play against Denmark in the group stage of the 2018 World Cup, which ended in a scoreless draw. Mbappe did not play for France in their opening match of the 2022 World Cup against Tunisia, and as a result, France suffered a surprise loss of 1-0.

The upcoming match for Les Bleus will be a semi-final versus Morocco, and after that comes the championship match. This striker will almost certainly see action if Mbappe does not suffer from any health issues. Let’s find out if the “guardian” can lead the French side to victory in the final two matches so that they may claim the title of champions. Mbappe’s current level of play, in addition to the spiritual issue, is what directly affects the “Rooster’s” prospects of winning the World Cup.

Mbappe has scored 9 goals for France in the World Cups, and he has played a total of 12 games for his country. As a result of this accomplishment, he was able to surpass Pele and become the player under the age of 24 who scored the most goals during the competition. Mbappe will not only repeat the successful defense of the world championship that the “Football King” performed 60 years ago, but he will also win the 2022 World Cup with the French national team if they are victorious.

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