Mbappe – The star’s selfish behavior or introverted demeanor makes it tough to connect

Recently, the name Mbappe has been appearing with a significant amount of frequency across the entirety of the newspaper industry. Unfortunately, no praise nor accolades can be bestowed upon the performance of the French striker. At PSG, where he was pampered like a king, the media never stopped calling him out for the conceited and self-centered manner in which he conducted himself.

In the summer of 2022, PSG made headlines when they managed to maintain Mbappe despite fierce opposition from Madrid. There were moments when it seemed as though the former Monaco star had undoubtedly entered the Bernabeu, but Mbappe couldn’t resist PSG’s persistent and alluring offer to sign with them. The World Cup winner was given special privileges by PSG in addition to enjoying heavenly treatment in terms of pay and bonuses, making him the “center of the universe.” The World Cup winner received wonderful treatment from PSG in terms of salary and bonuses.

Mbappe’s personality and behavior started to change as a result of this crucial time in his life. Because he has access to the resources of talent and power, Mbappe feels like a king in Paris. The 23-year-old striker frequently expressed his displeasure to his teammates if they failed to transfer the ball to him when he was on the pitch. When the ball was handed to Lionel Messi instead of Mbappe during PSG’s 5-2 victory against Montpellier in the second round of the Ligue 1 competition, Mbappe caused uproar. PSG won 5-2 to end the match. Journalist Marcelo Bechler noted that Mbappe immediately sought to assert his dominance after extending his contract with the club by “requiring the board to have an impact to make the whole team serve him” on the field. This probably contributed to the discontentment and unhappiness of a number of players with the French star.

Mbappe describes this type of behavior as “doing himself,” and it doesn’t happen just once; rather, it happens more frequently over time. In addition, the World Cup-winning player was criticized for his selfish approach to the game. All he wants to do is run the ball and score every time he has it, so it doesn’t matter if his teammates are still on the field. This is the cause of Mbappe’s lack of assists so far in the 2022–23 season, specifically for his two PSG friends, Messi and Neymar, even if he is constantly put in their shadow.

Mbappe has gone without a goal in either of Ligue 1’s most recent two outings. Even he has received a great deal of backlash for the selfish way he played on the field. In particular, occasions during the encounter against Lyon in which trying to burst through and finish instead of giving the ball to teammates who were in a more advantageous position with the ball were taken into consideration (round 8). PSG supporter Ziad shared: “A cross to Hakimi will help PSG solve the game early. Mbappe, on the other hand, is determined to succeed on his own, despite the fact that this strategy is ineffective. Mbappe is currently through yet another phase of the ss treatment. He is being more and more self-centered as the game progresses. Is this not being seen by Coach Galtier?

In the seventh round, PSG defeated Brest at least 1-0 thanks to Messi’s sublime pass that allowed Neymar to score in the 30th minute. But in the 19th minute, Messi would have had a chance to score if Mbappe hadn’t been unappreciative enough to block the spectacular left-footed shot of number 30 with his foot. Mbappe’s conduct gave off the impression that he was unappreciative. A terrible game of Mpapbe, when he frequently made judgments, according to French sportswriter Daniel Riolo. errors made while in possession of the ball. Mbappe is currently defending the goal despite never having assisted or sent the ball to Messi.

As a direct result of Mbappe’s behavior, the Paris Saint-Germain locker room is getting stuffier. One has the idea that Mbappe’s “face” is compulsory viewing for the other PSG players on the field in order to prevent a potentially dangerous situation. The most recent episode saw Mbappe continuing to show his lack of faith in the French team by refusing to participate in a promotional photo due to a legal disagreement around the image’s ownership. This player also had a before the previous year’s European Championships that couldn’t be reconciled with Olivier Giroud’s senior status. This one again exemplifies Mbappe’s big ego and star-struck arrogance. This striker seems to have over confidence in his power and influence.

Mbappe is thought to have become more egotistical and condescending as a result of the Paris club’s leaders tolerating Mbappe’s rude behavior for so long. The striker considers himself to be the most important player on the team and seizes all opportunities that come his way. Former Monaco and Paris Saint-Germain star Jerome Rothen stated that he does not regret his criticism of Mbappe. “Mbappe has such an arrogant attitude, and it’s because others have been overly indulgent, allowing him to do so,” Rothen explained. Mbappe’s presence has the potential to disrupt PSG’s growth. French football is in danger of slipping further behind as a result of him.

Mbappe is surprised to see that the size of the PSG players is not what he expected. Messi, who has won seven Golden Balls and is widely recognized as one of the greatest players in football history, is in the same locker room. Lionel Messi is believed to have achieved the height of his career at FC Barcelona at the age of 35, having won all of the club’s illustrious titles and being recognized and even revered around the world. Unlike Mbappe, the Argentine sensation has never displayed the same level of arrogance in his performance. He never loses his humility and is always willing to provide psychological and physical support to his teammates, both on and off the field. Messi, Sergio Ramos, and Neymar do not need to “teach” Mbappe because they are all experienced and have class.

It is abundantly evident that Mbappe is not currently in first place. It is true that the 22-year-old has already won the World Cup, but that accomplishment alone is not sufficient to determine how much value there is in class. Mbappe has displayed a level of ineffectiveness for Paris Saint-Germain in their most recent encounters. The French star should concentrate on his competence rather than continuing to cause disparagement and show that his “ego” is too enormous if he does not want to be shunned and loathed more and more as time goes on.


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