Mbappe had ‘unacceptable action’ to mock Messi after a double goal against Argentina

After scoring two goals in the span of less than two minutes in the World Cup final against Argentina in 2022, striker Mbappe had the opportunity to “respond” to Messi’s performance.

After scoring twice against Argentina, Mbappe “retaliates” to Messi by scoring a hat trick.

The two No. 10s both scored in the game with Messi scoring twice and Mbappe scoring a hat trick, but what was truly remarkable about their performances was the way in which they celebrated their goals.

Consequently, after scoring to contribute to Argentina’s first point on the penalty spot to help open the scoring.

As Messi prepared to return to play for PSG, spectators saw him raise his fist toward one of his teammates.

After that, Di Maria scored Argentina’s second goal prior to Mbappe even having a chance to respond.

The French forward scored the equalizer after taking the penalty kick that was awarded to him.

After having some fun with his teammates, Mbappe reacted angrily when he was told about the senior’s performance.

After being substituted back into the game, the star player for France, who was wearing the number 10 jersey, responded by throwing a punch in Messi’s direction.

The activity of this duo has captured the attention of their supporters on various social networking platforms.

It seems that Messi and Mbappe will be competing against each other in addition to Argentina and France. Someone else offered their thoughts, saying, “Messi first, then Mbappe is not silent.” The humorous response from the third person was, “Oh. That is very painful.

The fourth commented, “What a competition! The atmosphere in the PSG locker room is sure to become even more tense now.” Someone else, meanwhile, asserted that the gesture was intended for the players who were sitting on the bench, saying, “It was an action for the bench, not Mbappe or Messi.”

Both players scored in the extra time to force the game to be decided by a shootout from the penalty spot.

Messi and Argentina came out on top when they took the lead in the penalty shootout to win the World Cup. Messi was named the tournament’s best player.

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