Mbappe had ‘conflict’ with teammate at PSG, possibility of leaving PSG

Last year, the media spent a lot of time covering Mbappe and Real Madrid. PSG had a historic turn to keep the French striker in front of the surprise of the entire world at the last minute when everyone thought the two were intended to be together.

That does not, however, imply that Mbappe and Real’s romance is over. Many Los Blancos supporters in Spain continue to fantasize about the day the French great plays at the Bernabeu despite their disappointment. Perhaps Mbappe is aware of this as well.

Many Real Madrid fans still dream about the day Mbappe arrives at the Bernabeu

Recently, during the signing ceremony of PSG’s winter tour series in Qatar, Mbappe was “invited” by a fan to join Real Madrid in the future. At the time Mbappe was signing autographs, a fan took the clip and shouted: “Come back to Real Madrid, come back to Real Madrid”.

Of course, while still wearing the PSG shirt, the 24-year-old star will not say anything related to other clubs. However, Mbappe’s actions were different when the striker raised his thumb towards the camera, a sign that often means “like”, “approval” or “agree” …

Mbappe continues to make the inside of PSG unstable

In addition, recent images show that when Mbappe returns to focus with PSG, he has shown a separation from the other two big stars in the team, Messi and Neymar. This player often trains with his close friend Hakimi or talks with central defender Sergio Ramos.

But while training with Hakimi, there was a leaked video that showed there was a discord between Mbappe and his best friend at PSG.

Mbappe uses pitch shirt to ɑttack Hakimi

Mbappe pushed Hakimi away

Because Mbappe has continued to display an antisocial mentality, the French press hypothesizes that he has not yet fully recovered from the loss in the 2022 World Cup final. It will be difficult for coach Christophe Galtier to put the attacking trio of Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe back together the way he wants.

The fans of the Parisian team are also concerned about the prospect that the home team could lose again as a result of Mbappe’s most recent action, even though it is unclear whether it is simply a sudden gesture or an indication of dissatisfaction with PSG’s internal workings. unstable circumstance.

In fɑct, Mbappe has never given up on his dream of playing for Real Madrid, the information is confirmed by the prestigious newspaper The Athletic. This source also said that the two sides have been having quiet and cautious contacts instead of being as ɑggressive as last summer.

The star striker Kylian Mbappe made PSG fans continue to worry when not only appeared superficial next to Messi and Neymar, but also recently showed a gesture of wanting to say goodbye to the team to go to Real Madrid.

The French media said in October 2022 that Mbappe had lost his happiness and desired to leave PSG in January. The reason was that Mbappe felt misled when the team’s leadership failed to sign quality contracts, including a stand-in striker, as promised, forcing him to play in this position from the beginning of the season.

According to The Athletic, Real Madrid is ready to start talks as soon as Mbappe states that he wants to join PSG. The French team is aware that the only team with the potential to lure Mbappe away from Paris is Los Blancos.



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