Mbappe feels ‘betгayed’ and want to make clear about relationship with Messi

Before the current season starts, it’s expected that Kylian Mbappe will sign a free transfer to Real Madrid. On the other side, if anything unexpected occurs, he can opt to agree to a new contract with PSG.

The France national footballer is currently bound by a contract with Les Parisiens through the end of the 2024–2025 season. Mbappe may not be thrilled with his circumstances at the Parc des Princes, according to one theory. This hypothesis is supported by anecdotal data.

Mbappe feels betrayed by the Ligue 1 powerhouses because they allegedly broke the promises they made to him when he extended his contract with them. Mbappe has thus given the idea that he is thinking about leaving the team after the current season.

There are suggestions that the 24-year-old athlete, who has chosen to stop believing in PSG and is prepared to go at a time when he is performing incredibly well, is expressing his own opinions. The aforementioned source claims that Mbappe has established three conditions that must be met in order for him to continue playing for the team.

OK Diario has reported that the first major demand the French superstar has made of Neymar is for him to move away from Paris. It has become clear throughout the course of the current campaign that the two strikers do not get along very well due to the abundance of information that has surfaced. Mbappe is also aware that the former Barcelona superstar was asked to leave the club during the summer. It all started when the two got into a disagreement over a penalty during the August match between the home team and Montpellier, which the home team won 5-2.

Mbappe may feel that he does not get along with several key figures at PSG, including Neymar, but it does not appear that Neymar is the only one. The former AS Monaco striker believes that Zinedine Zidane, who is currently without a job, should take over for Christophe Galtier as coach of Les Parisiens.

Mbappe’s final demand is that Harry Kane, who is regarded as the team’s talisman, be acquired by Tottenham Hotspur. It appears that Mbappe is eager to share control with the England captain in Paris in the locker room.

Despite health-related rumors spreading within the organization, Mbappe still has duties for Paris Saint-Germain to carry out. He was in excellent form for the team prior to switching to the French national team for the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

Mbappe has 19 goals and five assists in 20 outings for the French powerhouses across all competitions. Additionally, he has five shots on goal. It is crucial to note that he didn’t take much of a break after the World Cup in order to stay up with the rest of his team’s training.

After the World Cup, there were also rumors that Mbappe and Messi had fallen out of favor with one another. However, he has refuted that claim now. Kylian Mbappe said: “I have no problems with Leo. Very good. I scored two penalties, and he scored two goals that were very significant. The mission that Messi and I were assigned in Qatar is now complete.

The club has a lot of goals that it wants to accomplish, and if we can achieve them by cooperating with Neymar, it will be fantastic. Messi has repeatedly stated that “football is easy.” This “old man” is teaching me a lot of valuable lessons. Now, it is my job to pay attention to Messi regardless of what happens.”



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