Mbappe coerces PSG into acquiring a new striker to join him in the PSG offensive

The transfer market is now being scoured by Paris Saint-Germain in an effort to capture the striker of Kylian Mbappe’s choosing.

Daniel Riolo, a writer who covers French football, claims that the reason PSG is attempting to sign forward Rayan Cherki from Olympique Lyon is because Mbappe and Mbappe’s mother want the player.

Riolo stated that the French champions do not require the player at this time on their own, but that they will complete the signing of the player within the next couple of days owing to pressure from Mbappe’s camp.

Over the past few days, the 19-year-old Cherki’s name has been mentioned in connection with a transfer to the capital of France.

Riolo explained to RMC Sport how the impact of Kylian Mbappe is luring the player star to the Parc des Princes.

“It’s being coordinated from the Paris Saint-Germain side by means of this middleman. As we speak, Cherki travels to PSG.

“PSG has addressed it, and Campos, who is under the heat from the Mbappé family, is looking into the file okay; however, it’s a €30 million file.

“The only reason Campos [the sporting director of PSG] is interested in the file is because he is being told to be interested in it.

“Mbappe is extraordinary; nevertheless, despite all of this, must he have the power, with the people around him, to say recruit this player?

“You will see remarks from Kylian’s mother saying to PSG that “I do what I want,” even if she doesn’t truly do it, in the next survey that will come out.

This club has some management issues that need to be addressed. It indicates that the club operates in an unusual manner.

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