Mbappe asked PSG to spend huge money to recruit his ‘close friend’, Neymar will be out

The higher level gives Kylian Mbappe more influence in the locker room and on Paris Saint-transfer Germain’s policies. The club’s recruitment strategy will be heavily influenced by the young French sensation.

Mbappe wants PSG to swiftly complete the acquisition of Ousmane Dembele from Barcelona, per a source for Goal.

Dembele and Mbappe in the French national team shirt.

The teammate of Mbappe from France just agreed to a new two-year deal with Barca. He is currently viewed as being important to coach Xavi’s development strategy.

Dembele has participated in every game for Barcelona this season, contributing 7 assists and scoring 5 goals.

Mbappe, however, is adamant that he can persuade Dembele to play in his hometown once more. Additionally, PSG has had a long-standing interest in the former Dortmund star.

If Dembele joins PSG, Neymar’s future will be extremely uncertain

It is expected that in the summer transfer window, when the contract between Dembele and Barca is only 1 year, PSG will send an offer worth 50m euros to recruit the French winger.

The French midfielder reveɑled Mbappe’s strange habits that are annoying

The 2022 World Cup has ended for more than a week, the players have also returned to the club to focus on the national championships. However, the stories surrounding the world tournament are still a topic of interest to the press, especially with advanced teams like France.

French news agency Carre recently held an interview with the participation of midfielder Adrien Rabiot. Here, France’s number 14 looked back and shared about special moments during the 2022 World Cup.

Midfielder Rabiot shared some behind-the-scenes secrets related to France’s No. 1 star Mbappe

In particular, Rabiot has reveɑled a few things about the brightest star in the tournament, Kylian Mbappe. Accordingly, the Juventus midfielder said that during the time playing together, he discovered that his juniors had a strange habit that made himself uncomfortable.

Mbappe annoys me when he changes his tone in interviews. When we were together on the pitch, he talked normally, but when I watched the interview, I don’t know why, but his voice changed. It is very uncomfortable and also stressful.” Rabiot talked about his juniors with a smile on his face.

Mbappe has a habit of changing his voice

Before the midfielder transferred to Juventus in 2019, Rabiot and Mbappe were teammates for both the national team and the club while wearing the PSG jersey. Both appear to have put their grief aside after returning from Qatar in order to be strong and work toward other objectives for the remainder of the season.

After winning the World Cup scoring crown in 2022, Mbappe will undoubtedly strive to score more goals to aid PSG in achieving their ultimate goal of winning the Champions League. The French superstar has seven goals this season in the European arena, which puts him in first place on the competition’s scoring list.


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