Mbappe and Messi received ‘touching’ messages from Ronaldo after last competiton

Cristiano Ronaldo wrote on his Facebook page after Riyadh All Stars’ 4-5 loss to PSG: “I’m very thrilled to be back on the field and in the win column! And it’s good to see some old pals!” A picture of CR7 and Lionel Messi is posted along with the share.

Curious, fans went straight to Messi’s profile page. The current World Cup champion also shared a few images of himself and a quick video of the occasion when he greeted and hugged a teammate who was born in 1985.

The post on Ronaldo’s personal page received more than 5 million interactions after only a short time.

This is Ronaldo’s first game following the 2022 World Cup loss to Morocco on December 10, 2022. The 37-year-old striker is prepared to join Al Nassr to greet Al Ettifaq at dawn on January 23 after serving the English Football Federation’s two-game suspension.

Ronaldo shined in the exhibition game against PSG, scoring twice in the opening period. He was taken off the field in the 61st minute but was still given the best player trophy.

Messi also had a strong day, scoring a goal and saving a penalty. “El Pulga” and his teammates had to play with 10 players starting in the 39th minute, yet they were still able to defeat Cristiano Ronaldo’s team 5-4.

This could be Ronaldo’s last match against Messi

Ronaldo is playing in his debut game with the Al Nassr club. The 37-year-old attacker appeared to be drifting away from elite football. However, the Arab owners paid around $ 11 million to invite PSG’s top players to a friendly. And Ronaldo is the captain of the Saudi All-Star XI, a union of Al Nassr and Al Hilal, the two most powerful teams in Saudi Arabia.

The board planned a medal presentation with a stunning musical performance after the game. Even though it was simply a friendly, Ronaldo and Messi’s presence helped the game draw 1.3 million viewers at one point via a live YouTube feed.

Mbappe’s action when Ronaldo was swollen face

The 37-year-old striker lies in the yard after an aerial dispute with Keylor Navas in the friendly match between PSG and Riyadh All-Stars

In the 31st minute, Cristiano Ronaldo jumped high to catch the ball from the right wing. Keylor Navas also came out and accidentally swung his forearm in the face of his former Real Madrid team-mate.

Ronaldo was in pain and had to lie on the field for a few minutes. The 37-year-old striker did not have an injury, but did develop a bump on the left side of his face.

Navas took the initiative to apologize to Ronaldo. CR7 also did not show a harsh attitude to his former Costa Rican teammate.

Kylian Mbappe graciously asked Ronaldo. The striker born in 1998 is not afraid to admit that he is a “fan” of the captain of the Portuguese national team.

The referee determined that Navas had fouled Ronaldo. The former Real Madrid goalkeeper received a yellow card while the Riyadh All-Stars were awarded a penalty. From a distance of 11 meters, Ronaldo did not miss the opportunity to score 1-1.

Ronaldo recreated the branded celebration to the excitement of the audience at King Fahd Stadium. Before that, Lionel Messi opened the scoring for PSG after a situation of running and mischievous finishing from Neymar’s assist line.

In the last minutes of the first half, Ronaldo again put his name on the scoreboard to equalize 2-2 for the Riyadh All-Stars. CR7’s header hit the post. Sergio Ramos stood right next to the goal but missed, creating conditions for Ronaldo to kick Navas’ net for the second time.

Ronaldo, Messi played 60 minutes. In the end, PSG won Riyadh All Stars 5-4. With two goals in the first half, Ronaldo was named the best player.


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