Mbappe and Hakimi mocked in New York while Messi’s hero’s welcome back at PSG

On his return to Paris Saint-Germain, Lionel Messi was greeted with a guard of honor, but Kylian Mbappe was nowhere to be found for the Argentina captain’s arrival.

Fans of the sport of football joked that Kylian Mbappe “called in ill” on the day when Lionel Messi returned to play for Paris Saint-Germain.

The Argentina captain has returned to the city of France after taking a long period of time off to recuperate following the country’s victory in the World Cup. However, the reunion that everyone around the world has been waiting for will not take place for a few more days, and the football world will have to wait for it.

Emiliano Martinez, the goalkeeper for Argentina, mercilessly mocked Kylian Mbappe despite the fact that the 23-year-old scored a hat trick to keep France in the final. Martinez even put a face mask of Mbappe on a toy baby and paraded it in front of Lionel Messi. Mbappe’s performance kept France in the final. However, any interactions that could turn out to be problematic between Messi and Mbappe have been put on hold for the time being.

When Lionel Messi got back to the club, he was greeted like a hero by everyone there. To celebrate Messi’s return to training after his injury, his Paris Saint-Germain colleagues formed a guard of honor and greeted the legendary player from Barcelona.

However, Mbappe was unable to be seen in and between the cheering PSG stars, despite the fact that he returned to training three days after the World Cup and started in PSG’s 3-1 loss to Lens. Mbappe was not to be found in and amongst the clapping PSG players. One of Mbappe’s supporters joked on social media, “Mbappe called in ill lol.”

Another supporter inquired, “Where is Mbappe,” after which a third supporter requested, “Show me Mbappe.” Mbappe will be in New York City, so that fan, and any other fan for that matter, will be able to find him there.

After the team’s loss to Lens, the manager of PSG, Christophe Galtier, gave the Frenchman and another player on the PSG roster, Achraf Hakimi, “a few days off.” Mbappe and Hakimi, who competed against each other in the World Cup semi-final match between France and Morocco, traveled to New York City to witness the NBA titans the Brooklyn Nets take on the San Antonio Spurs. The World Cup semi-final match was between France and Morocco.

After his team’s loss to Lens, Galtier stated that Hakimi and Mbappe will have a few days off from playing soccer. “The plan called for them to be able to play both of these games. They will now begin to make progress.

It is currently unknown whether or not Mbappe, Hakimi, and Messi will all play together for Paris Saint-Germain in their forthcoming matches against FC Chateauroux in the French Cup and Angers in Ligue 1.

World Champion Leo Messi Honored By Teammates And Coaches At PSG, Mbappe is ᵴ𝚞Ԁ‌Ԁ‌е𝚗ly absent

The Brazilian star Neymar, who was suspended after seeing a red card in the Ligue 1 match against Strasbourg, and the Argentine superstar Lionel Messi, who stayed in Argentina to participate in the country’s celebration of winning the World Cup, saw PSG really realize these absences during the match against Lens.

The previous day, Lionel Messi returned to Paris from Argentina. At this point, Lionel Messi has taken part in a Paris Saint-Germain workout. Neymar and other teammates from Paris Saint-Germain greeted Lionel Messi as he entered the dressing room. At the PSG training facility, Lionel Messi was welcomed back to the team by his teammates and the coaching staff with a guard of honor. While he was away, Messi had just won the World Cup.

PSG gave Lionel Messi a lift in his momentum out of respect for his exploits. The PSG teammates Lionel Messi and Neymar, who are more like close friends than teammates, expressed their joy at being back together after a brief absence. Pictures of the two of them together in the changing room and training facility talking and looking content with one another are making the rounds on the internet.

On the 6th of January, PSG will compete in the Round of 64 of the French Cup against Chateauroux. Since Lionel Messi took a significant amount of time away from club play in order to participate in the World Cup, it is likely that he will play for Paris Saint-Germain in the French Cup before the next match in Ligue 1. On January 11, PSG will play their next match in Ligue 1 against Angers. Fans of Paris Saint-Germain are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Lionel Messi at the Parc des Princes.


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