Mason Greenwood’s wise decision

The young English striker is gradually trying to revive his playing career after a period of suspension.

The Mason Greenwood Threat - Football

 The Manchester United board is set to make a final decision on Mason Greenwood’s future before the start of the new season.

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Man Utd decided to open their own investigation earlier this year. After 5 months, everything has not been resolved. 

Where is the best place for Mason Greenwood?  - Football

 Coach Erik ten Hag still wants Man United to give the 21-year-old a chance. The Dutch military leader is ready to bring Greenwood back into the squad, but needs to be given the green light by the BLD Man Utd.

Mason Greenwood decision could impact Manchester United transfer strategy this summer - Football

 The former Ajax coach doesn’t want to lose a talent like Greenwood. However, for this player to return to play next season is not reasonable. Therefore, Man Utd is considering for Greenwood to go to practice.

The turning point happened to Mason Greenwood - Football

 In fact, according to British media, many players, coaching staff and even leaders of Man Utd support allowing Greenwood to return. However, Greenwood was quite hesitant and hesitant to decide.

Mason Greenwood's wise decision - Football

 This player is afraid that the press and the media will put pressure on himself and the host club. Therefore, Greenwood is waiting for the change of owner to be completed before deciding on the future. It was considered the best time for Greenwood to return.

Mason Greenwood's wise decision - Football

 In the meantime, Greenwood began to bury himself in training to be ready to put on his shoes and play at any time. He is also bolder in appearing on social networks but in moderation.

Mason Greenwood's Ending Scored - Football

 As can be seen, Greenwood is making slow but steady steps. Instead of rushing back, this young striker is still waiting for the right opportunity.

Greenwood and clouds in the sky MU - Football

 Obviously for Greenwood, a return to football is necessary to revive his career. But Greenwood is in no hurry.

Erik ten Hag gives interesting Mason Greenwood update - Football

 After more than a year out, Greenwood will definitely return. If he cannot wear the Man Utd shirt next season, Greenwood is ready to go abroad to play.

Greenwood and clouds in the sky MU - Football

 Overall, Greenwood is young and with the talent available, this player promises to make a stronger comeback than ever.

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