Manchester United mock Manchester City with a ‘offside’ goal clip set to MC Hammer

Manchester United have continued to mock Manchester City, making light of Marcus Rashford’s controversial role in the Red Devils’ controversial equalizer.

Manchester United added to Manchester City’s 𝕨oes by taking a cheap shot over TikTok.

The Red Devils’ TikTok account posted a video of Marcus Rashford’s role in Bruno Fernandes’ controversial equalizer to MC Hammer’s hᎥt song “U Can’t Touch This” on Monday. When the ball was passed to Rashford, he was in an offside position.

Rashford tracked the ball but did not touch it before shifting out of the way for Fernandes to score. The City players were furious because they believed Rashford had interfered with play, implying that the goal should have been disallowed.

Football fans have labeled the decision as “possibly the worst decision you’ll ever see on a football pitch!”

“Rashford keeps Akanji/Ederson from getting to the ball, whether he touches it or not. He’s getting in the way of the game. “Bad officiating,” A second has been added. “I’m not sure how you can watch this and think it should be a goal,” a third said.

“Anyone justifying this decision on a whim…

No way anyone with even a passing knowledge of the game thinks this is onside, awful call,” a fourth added.

Marcus Rashford was discovered to be not interfering with the game.

Fernandes’ goal turned the game around, and Rashford scored minutes later to put the Red Devils ahead 2-1.

City, still reeling from Rashford’s decision, were unable to recover from the second, falling eight points behind league leaders Arsenal.

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